Reduce the cybersecurity and risk burden with LastPass, using modern password management techniques to take back productivity while ramping up organisational defences.

Instead of merely adapting to growing password access burdens, organisations can look to further reduce unnecessary manual processing.

LastPass supports:

  • Safe password sharing across a workforce.
  • Federated integration capabilities.
  • Easy-to-use interface assisting improved password hygiene.
  • Generation of lengthy and robust credentials, changed regularly.
  • Customisation of access permissions.
  • Streamlined accessibility and team safety.


The ultimate goal in password management is to further reduce possible attack surfaces by reducing or even eliminating use of passwords. That's because it's hard to completely eradicate weak practice around password use - anyone can be vulnerable to psychological manipulation, or social engineering based risks like sophisticated smishing, phishing, vishing and the like.

Social engineering attacks manipulate people into revealing information they shouldn’t or making other mistakes - and the risk expands with generative AI use.

LastPass polling  suggests many organisations may benefit from better approaches.

  • 95% of survey respondents said social engineering attacks have become more sophisticated in general - the grammar and spelling has improved, for instance.
  • 52.5% report social engineering attacks using more dynamic content in emails, making it harder to detect phishing attempts.
  • 45.7% said they believe social engineering attacks are more directly targeting individuals.