JetBrains' suite of team tools offers unparalleled solutions to enhance project management, facilitate seamless team collaboration, automate business processes, and streamline continuous integration and delivery pipelines.

Today, we spotlight an array of tools designed to elevate your team's efficiency and productivity:

  • Code With Me for collaborative coding;
  • YouTrack for powerful project management;
  • Space for ensuring quality across continuous delivery; and
  • TeamCity for flexible CI/CD.


In 2023, JetBrains tools have once again demonstrated their value, gaining widespread adoption across various industries and user groups. Maarten Balliauw, a JetBrains developer advocate, highlights the importance of remote development and standardized dev environments. These tools not only streamline the setup of new development machines, especially in cloud-based setups, but also pave the way for adopting infrastructure-as-code practices for development environments.

Recent surveys indicate a strong preference among teams for tools that support source code collaboration, along with utilities that enhance team collaboration, project management, workflow optimisation, and more.

(Chart source: JetBrains)


JetBrains' collaborative coding and pair programming service Code With Me, bundled with most JetBrains IDEs, is adding support for JetBrains Rider and Android Studio.

Benfits include:

  • Remote collaboration in real-time across the dev team. Forget staring at the same screen and constantly asking team mates when to scroll.
  • By adopting remote collaboration, devs can increase the efficiency of code investigations by working more closely together.
  • Expand collaborations to trainees or students, live coding and navigating together to deliver feedback effectively or transfer skills and knowledge at pace.


The age-old adage, "If you can't monitor it, you can't manage it," rings true in the realm of project management. That's why the adoption of project management and issue tracking solutions - such as YouTrack - is on the rise. Technicians are attracted to its ability to combine project management with workflow management and robust issue tracking functionality. At JetBrains, about half of customer teams selected YouTrack Cloud for its ease of set-up, with the others plumping for self-hosted control. 

With YouTrack, developers benefit from increased oversight and streamlining of what's actually happening at grassroots level, ensuring efforts don't dead-end through unneeded task duplication or lack of initiative.

  • Full knowledge-base documentation, detailed reporting and dashboards.
  • Interactive Gantt charting and planning for teams across software development, devops, HR or marketing.
  • Easy team collaboration on projects of any size, even Helpdesk projects for customer support.
  • Customised Agile boards and worker time management, including the ability to track and check results on Timesheets.
  • Automated business processes via Workflows.

YouTrack is packed with features for streamlining work and boosting productivity through easy tracking of and collaboration on projects, however large (or small).


The JetBrains general purpose CI/CD platform TeamCity represents flexible, fast delivery and deployment. Empower devops with powerful continuous integration of the software development pipeline.

With TeamCity's enablement of flexible workflows, collaboration and development practices, dev teams can deliver quality software faster.

  • Enjoy continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment within devops processes.
  • Better understand testing through test history retention, flagging of unstable tests, and help identifying flawed commits.
  • Adopt remote run and pre-tested commits.
  • Choose from TeamCity Cloud for cloud-native teams and CI/CD newcomers, TeamCity Professional for full professional-level control including unlimited users and build time, or TeamCity Enterprise for full-scale CI/CD pipeline management.

TeamCity is like an IDE for continuous integration, integrating with building and testing tools, visualising pipelines in detail, and setting up a first pipeline is quick and simple, with no need to code.


JetBrains Space enables dev teams to ensure code quality and stable, continuous flows for project delivery. A focus is intelligent code collaboration, with Jira integration for a smoother transition.

With Space, you can roll up activities via Git hosting or BitBucket, native JetBrains IDE integration, code quality control (add Qodana for static analysis), build and publish with CI/CD, packaging and deployment, and track or plan with boards and checklists.

For instance:

  • With Space you can enforce code standards with quality gates, including acquiring team member or code-owner approvals and set up checks by Space CI, TeamCity or other external CI services.
  • You can also merge with more confidence using the Safe Merge feature, which shows how your main dev branch would appear post-merge.
  • Of course, you can also manage code reviews and merge requests direct, via Space code review native integrations with IntelliJ-based IDEs.


When teams are ready to elevate their development game, the constantly evolving JetBrains suite of tools stands ready to empower organizations of any size. At Team QBS, we're not just here; we're eager to assist you and your customers every step of the way. Have questions about JetBrains? We've got answers.

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