Even in today's highly digitised workplace, the locations where workers seek to access the network continue to pose challenges for IT support.

However, with AnyDesk  interactive remote access for platforms including Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Raspberry Pi, the customer organisation enjoys secure and efficient remote collaboration - anywhere and wherever they need to connect. It's so simple that it's also great for personal users.

  • Connect people wherever they are today, tomorrow, next week or next month.

  • Ensure staff can contribute to projects and documents - including on technical troubleshooting tasks.

  • Benefit from a small-footprint connectivity facilitator that's not only intuitive to use but delivers control with optimum security levels that the organisation selects.


  • Connect to AnyDesk, downloading the small file fast and setting up with ease.

  • Choose the level of project partner access required (no one can access your device without active permission - adjust permissions easily via the Accept window)

  • Create and send session requests - or simply invite colleagues to share your screen. Change remote-access direction in a single click.

  • Deploy flexible collaboration using the on-screen whiteboard to guide project partners through your chosen task or programme.

  • Control keyboard and mouse of remote devices and wake devices from sleep over the LAN.

  • Manage data and files between two devices concurrent with a remote session (or disable this).

  • Record sessions for viewing later on, and print remotely (or dismiss a print) via any local printer.

  • Easily dismiss incoming requests or close running sessions.


With AnyDesk screen sharing via the innovative DeskRT codec, users can collaborate and work on tasks in the moment, without having to wait - giving them the chance to maximise or enhance creativity and collaboration as inspiration strikes.

No powerful endpoint client hardware is required.

AnyDesk screen sharing is also great for demonstrations online of software or other products.

Enhance support team productivity by empowering them to connect remotely and solve issues as they occur, smoothing workflows and reducing productivity bottlenecks - all while retaining control of network access even when staff work from home or on the go.

AnyDesk understands that saving administrative rights at the remote device is crucial for moving beyond "standard" functionality and connectivity.

"Imagine you want to remotely control a machine that is used by several employees within a company, like a printer or scanner," says the vendor.

"You should be able to control it to some extent, so mouse and keyboard permissions are necessary. On the other hand, you could grant employees too much power by giving them the opportunity to restart the device, transfer files or lock the session screen, which could ultimately cause issues."


Agility and responsiveness are more important than ever to today's organisations, regardless of size, location or industry sector. That means that workers not only desire but actually need connectivity that's available at all times - without the organisation being placed at risk.

With AnyDesk, support teams can work on almost any device in most ways as if they were physically present.

  • Swiftly reboot machines and request system information.

  • Grant all and only the permissions required, as needed.

  • Uncheck all participant permissions if needed, allowing target client users to view the screen and not interact in the session.

  • Allow participants to offer feedback via different features in the whiteboard - such as drawing on the screen (avoiding risk of alteration to a support document).

  • And admins can connect to devices without relying on manual acceptance.

  • Set up multiple passwords aligned to different permissions and group policies (automatic login is also possible).

  • Configure AnyDesk via mobile device management for Android and iOS, including for automated client updates.

  • High frame rates, low latency and efficient bandwidth use. Even with poor internet connectivity desktop sharing remains possible.

When you're ready to remotely support customers, employees or partners with ease, saving time and resources, consider choosing AnyDesk. Our team stands ready to walk you through the full advantages for your specific requirement.

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