For secure end-to-end visibility that's agile, meeting network performance and business objectives at the same time, it's hard to go past a solution from LiveAction.

The LiveAction portfolio - available through QBS distribution - includes LiveWire, which now boasts a massive leap in performance and capability in real-time packet analysis as well as storage, via that all-important single source of truth.

Core and PowerCore appliance users for instance can in the latest version instigate real-time, lossless compression on packet captures, changing the game on capture speed and duration.

By triple-compressing network traffic, you also get three times the disk speed. From seven days of storage, to about three weeks, or from a raw capture rate of 10 Gbps to roughly 30 Gbps, for instance - imagine the difference this kind of multiple can make to your customer network.

Today, access to raw packets can be critical to network observability, troubleshooting, and forensic analysis, easing the path to cost-effectively detect and solve network issues across remote, distributed networks.

LiveAction, in fact, is great for increasing network visibility across the likes of Cisco -- another classic headache for network admins.

With network performance monitoring (NPM) in your or your customer's environment that completely and compatibly complements existing infrastructure, it's easier than ever to get a unified view from the heart of the network, including the datacentre, to the edge.

Seven LiveAction offerings to rule it all

LiveAction solutions available through QBS -- including LiveCapture, LiveNA, LiveNX, LiveSP for MSPs, LiveWire, OmniPeek and, last but not least, ThreatEye - ensure organisations can proactively manage the network, pinpointing areas where bottlenecks are risk, helping head off network disruptions.

In addition, LiveAction diagnostics can identify the ultimate cause of network issues, helping you or your customer navigate and implement optimum workflows and problem resolution.

Rest assured, LiveAction can do all this without making your network transparent and accessible to all comers. Rather, LiveAction has been developed by solution experts to help ensure network security, taking advantage of the latest techniques and advancements in security protocols and solution updates.

It's also super scaleable, so you can future-proof network management for years to come as organisations grow and change.

LiveAction's Network Intelligence platform is founded on its LiveNX NPM platform in conjunction with the LiveWire packet analysis solution, making monitoring, managing, and troubleshooting Cisco and multi-vendor networks faster and easier for netops.

In fact, a recent Forrester report has shown using LiveAction's LiveNX and LiveWire together as able to deliver returns on investment (ROI) to organisations of as much as 153% in just three years.

LiveAction benefits include lowered mean time to resolution (MTR) and the ability to combine telemetry data from diverse sources including flow, simple network management protocol (SNMP), Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN), cloud and others.

But it doesn't stop there. If you want to talk through your options in more detail, especially when it comes to the full LiveAction portfolio, simply give us a call at QBS Orchestra on +44 (0) 20 8733 7155 and get transparency across those rapidly growing networks, even as they evolve.

( Image by Joe from Pixabay )