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August 16, 2023

QBS 0 1575


With CoreView's CoreSuite for managing Microsoft 365 (M365), customers enjoy an intuitive platform that delivers better visibility at pace, even when ..

August 11, 2023

QBS 0 1675


In remote desktop support, a big concern for organisations is always going to be cybersecurity. That's why AnyDesk has been increasingly tackling the ..

August 10, 2023

QBS 0 2002


In the face of economic uncertainty, construction companies must find innovative ways to stay effective and competitive. With rising costs, labour ..

August 9, 2023

QBS 0 1509


Azul Platform Prime aims to take Java applications to new heights, accelerating value and enhancing performance for less cost - that's why QBS partner..

August 4, 2023

QBS 0 1903


ShareGate’s parent company, GSoft, is becoming Workleap: an ecosystem of powerfully simple employee and digital experience software that helps modern ..

August 2, 2023

QBS 0 1793


Dev teams working with JetBrains integrated development environments (IDEs) are set to enjoy greater GitLab support in IntelliJ IDEA, ReSharper, and R..

July 28, 2023

QBS 0 1717


Whether patching, supporting or administering macOS, iOS, Windows, ChromeOS or Android devices, you can do it all on one platform from anywhere in the..

July 27, 2023

QBS 0 1876

Digital Workplace

If you're seeking to take your Java applications to new heights of excellence, look no further than Azul Platform Prime. As the ultimate solution t..

July 26, 2023

QBS 0 2000


With Nitro PDF Pro and eSign software, alongside the Nitro Productivity Platform, partners benefit from powerful tools that help reduce paper use, emi..

July 25, 2023

QBS 0 1545


Are you tired of remembering countless passwords for your devices? Meet Hitachi's VeinID Five+ – the innovative biometric solution that bids farewe..

July 19, 2023

QBS 0 1794


When the network strains to meet customer performance expectations securely and assist with business objectives, LiveAction for network performance mo..

July 17, 2023

QBS 0 1552


The award-winning, next-gen Arista NG Firewall - a key pillar in Arista's edge threat management (ETM) portfolio that includes ETM Dashboard and Micr..
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