If you're seeking to take your Java applications to new heights of excellence, look no further than Azul Platform Prime. As the ultimate solution to supercharge performance and maximise value, this flagship product of Azul stands as a trusted industry leader, offering blazing-fast results, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled support.


Maximising Performance, Minimising Costs

Azul Platform Prime has been purposefully designed to optimise Java application performance in the cloud, offering your business a host of unparalleled benefits:

More Performance

Witness a significant boost in transaction handling and Java performance, even under the heaviest loads. With Azul Platform Prime, you can ensure superior user experiences, higher customer satisfaction, and an edge over your competition.

More Savings

In the ever-competitive business landscape, cost optimisation is crucial. Azul Platform Prime empowers you to slash infrastructure costs by up to 50%, eliminating over-provisioning and freeing up valuable resources for strategic investments in business growth and innovation.

More Happy Users

Delight your users with consistent response times, reduced system stalls, and exceptional services. Azul Platform Prime ensures smooth, uninterrupted application execution, fostering loyal and delighted users who become your brand advocates.


The Core Values of Azul Platform Prime

At the heart of Azul Platform Prime lie the core values that set it apart as the preferred choice for businesses worldwide:

Number 1 Java Runtime

Azul Platform Prime leads the industry as the top Java TCK compliant runtime, providing seamless integration without the need for code recompilation. This ensures a seamless transition to enhanced performance.

Faster Warm-Up

With Azul Platform Prime's innovative ReadyNow! technology, Java warm-up times are accelerated, enabling your business to process tasks swiftly and efficiently, regardless of the workload.

Faster Code

Leveraging the most scalable JVM on the market and an advanced LLVM-based JIT compiler, Azul Platform Prime delivers optimised code execution, elevating application performance to unparalleled levels.

Faster JVM Performance

The C4 Collector empowers your infrastructure to handle two to five times more transactions seamlessly, without disruptions, pauses, or timeouts, ensuring consistent high-throughput applications.

Right-Size Resources

The Cloud Native Compiler enhances Java application performance across various compute environments by offloading JIT compilation, enabling you to optimise resource utilization efficiently.


Unparalleled Technical Support

With Azul Platform Prime, you gain access to top-tier technical support, ensuring your success at every step. Choose from Standard, Premium, and Platinum tiers to match your business needs and receive expert assistance from our highly trained customer support engineers.


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