Businesses have to respond to market changes on a daily basis. Strategic realignments and organisational restructuring are not uncommon. A responsive IT infrastructure is therefore essential for smooth operations and maintaining competitiveness. In this context, the management of digital communication structures is an important issue. The migration of mailboxes between Microsoft 365 tenants can be particularly critical. But this is now a thing of the past.

With the introduction of the new paid mailbox migration add-on on 12 March 2024, ShareGate offers IT professionals an innovative solution for easy, seamless and secure tenant-to-tenant migration.

The Importance of Tenant-to-Tenant Migration

Tenant-to-tenant migrations are common scenarios in corporate mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs or major reorganisations. The accurate transfer of different mailboxes between Microsoft 365 tenants plays a crucial role in maintaining the communication structure and business processes. To ensure this works, no data is lost, and all relevant information is transferred correctly, migration is essential.

Estimating migration time: a critical step to success

Estimating the migration time is an important step. The key factors are:

  • Hardware performance
  • Throttling by Microsoft 365
  • Network security
  • Location of workstations and servers
  • Complexity of the structure
  • User-defined permissions
  • Metadata complexity
  • Number of versions
  • Large lists and libraries
  • Number of user and administrator accounts

A test migration is therefore essential to determine an approximate migration time and to create a realistic migration plan. With ShareGate's new mailbox migration feature, you are well prepared.

Why choose ShareGate for your tenant-to-tenant migration?

The ShareGate Mailbox Migration add-on is specifically designed to address the unique challenges of tenant-to-tenant migration. The new Mailbox Migration feature simplifies the process by:

  • Maintain data integrity: The tool ensures the complete transfer of content, including metadata and version history, to ensure continuity and compliance.
  • Complete migration: No team, channel, mailbox or chat is left behind. Move content or entire teams with just a few clicks.
  • Customise the new environment: Assign permissions, simplify folder hierarchy and replace invalid characters - you are in control.
  • Preliminary analysis: Detailed reporting provides insight into the data structure before migration. This allows you to archive and delete duplicate, outdated or obsolete content. 
  • Migration without disruption: ShareGate's "Copy if Newer" feature allows the migration process to continue while users are working, without overwriting files at the destination. This minimises disruption and supports business continuity.

ShareGate provides you with action-oriented, user-defined reports. With ShareGate's new Mailbox Migration feature, you'll be well equipped to manage your tenant-to-tenant migration without compromising your business processes.