In today's interconnected world, innovation knows no borders. Effective collaboration, no matter where your team is located, is vital for staying ahead. This is where Miro comes in – the leading visual workspace for innovation that empowers distributed teams of all sizes to dream, design, and build the future together.

Innovative companies worldwide have embraced Miro, recognising its unparalleled support for a multitude of use cases, boasting an impressive array of features, and seamlessly integrating with popular platforms like Slack, Zoom, Google, and Airtable.


Unveiling Miro's Unique Selling Points

Miro's success is built on a foundation of unparalleled features, security, scalability, and user-friendliness. Let's delve into what sets Miro apart:

Data Security

Your data is your most valuable asset, and Miro ensures it remains protected. With data classification, sharing policies, public link restrictions, SIEM, and CASB integrations, your boards and their content are safeguarded.

Secure Access and Scalability

Control and manage user access effortlessly with SAML-based SSO, JIT provisioning, domain control, SCIM user provisioning, and more. Enjoy permissions control, automatic guest deactivation, and seamless integration with ServiceNow and Jira Service Management.

Advanced User Management

Scale your user base confidently with bulk user management, streamlined app and integration management, and efficient license management through partnerships with Zylo, Productiv, and BetterCloud.

Visibility and Centralised Control

Miro offers a consolidated view of your entire account, empowering administrators with insights and access to Board and Teams APIs and audit logs for comprehensive oversight.

Global Data Privacy

Compliance with global data privacy requirements, including US and EU data residency, is a top priority for Miro. Enterprise Key Management adds an extra layer of security.


Miro is committed to inclusivity, offering accessibility features such as adjustable zoom levels, cursor control options, and dark mode.

Certifications and Attestations

Miro's robust security measures are validated through certifications like SOC 2 type II, SOC 3, ISO/IEC 27001, TISAX, and CSA.


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Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Miro's infinite whiteboard canvas ensures that your distributed teams collaborate seamlessly:

  •        Multiplayer live cursor tracking keeps everyone engaged.
  •        Comment threads with @mentions enhance communication.
  •        Online sticky notes with tagging facilitate brainstorming.
  •        Thousands of templates and 100+ integrations with tools like Slack, Zoom, Google, and Airtable streamline workflows.
  •        Advanced search simplifies content retrieval.


Roll Out a Proven Solution Across Your Teams

Miro's customer success program ensures a smooth transition:

  •       Customised admin and end-user training sessions.
  •        Education on hybrid collaboration best practices.
  •        Premium support package with guaranteed first response times.
  •        Integration with enterprise solutions like ServiceNow, Okta, and Splunk.
  •        Secure user provisioning with SAML-based SSO and just-in-time provisioning.
  •        Guest roles and 2FA for external user management.


No-Stress Enterprise-Grade Security

Miro prioritises safeguarding your intellectual property:

  •        Data classification and content labeling.
  •        Board passwords and permission settings.
  •        Enterprise App usage management.
  •        EU and US Data Residency compliance.
  •        Enterprise Key Management.


Grow and Scale at Your Own Pace

Miro's Flexible Licensing Program (FLP) caters to your growth:

  •        Unlimited licenses for rapid user expansion.
  •        Predictable billing with no retroactive fees.
  •        Data-driven recommendations from your dedicated Account Team.
  •        Quarterly true-ups to adjust your contract as needed.



Innovation knows no bounds, and Miro ensures that your team's creativity and collaboration don't either. It's time to unlock the future of collaboration.

Let Miro bring a world of benefits to your customers and start your journey with Miro today. Contact Team QBS and embrace the future of innovation and collaboration with Miro's cutting-edge tech solutions.

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