Because organisations continue to clamour for cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS), Snow Software is ramping up the ability of its offerings for optimised cloud - helping them attain the very best bang for their buck, euro or pound.

With SaaS Management from Snow, organisations can more easily isolate and eliminate unnecessary or unused licenses as well as tackle the spread of shadow IT, discovering and removing unwanted, unapproved applications.

No one wants to pay twice or be blindsided by non-compliance

With Snow's comprehensive discovery engine and freshly enhanced feature sets, organisations can successfully uncover, manage, and track SaaS applications, penetrating into user activities. With improved dashboards too, greater visibility with context is achieved across software, hardware, SaaS and cloud.

This is great for partners - because every organisation wants to optimise resources in today’s hybrid technology landscape, bridging the challenges typically felt both by IT asset management (ITAM) and finance operations (finops) teams. Better cloud management also points to an enhanced ability to reduce, even eliminate, data leaks across the enterprise.

IT spending in organisations has been forecast to continue rising - which means that cost control will become increasingly critical for customers. Yet it remains incredibly challenging for customers to understand exactly what they are using in terms of IT, especially in the cloud, and how much they are spending.

Here are just a few features and enhanced capabilities

Organisations are continuing to struggle to fully manage their SaaS environments, yet Snow SaaS Management can help:

  •  track use of generative AI applications such as ChatGPT, leveraging metrics such as consumption data on the user, the device or time in the application.
  • leverage browser-based extenstion options for Chrome and Edge to hunt out unapproved or unknown applications being used
  • gain a deeper, more granular view of user activity, for instance by tracking total monthly costs per user
  • better understand high-level views of total SaaS cost, user activity, unused seats and more with updated dashboards
  • identify software running inside containers - from Kubernetes to OpenShift - with Snow Atlas
  • deliver insights with context that empowers immediate action
  • create predictability around budgets
  • automate license provisioning

Snow Software continues to roll out functionality that clears the view of complex IT environments, demonstrating the value of an entire IT stack. 

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(Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay)