Endpoint and network security needs and solutions are converging, which means customers are increasingly drawn to vendors of converged network security with zero-trust at the endpoint and edge - like Perimeter 81 .

That's why Orchestra by QBS hand-selected Perimeter 81 as a hyper-growth partner, and why prestigious channel magazine CRN has highlighted the advantages on offer within the year-old Perimeter 81 partner programme.

In fact, fast-growing Perimeter 81 was named a top partner programme in CRN’s essential 2023 partner programme guide - not least for the vendor's quick-time-to-value, robust and easy-to-use security solutions.

It's not only about breadth and depth at partner-programme level, however,

With Perimeter 81, managed service providers (MSPs), value-added resellers (VARs), systems integrators, and strategic service providers, are better positioned than ever to make sales and grow revenues.

Here's how partners and customers benefit 

The wider an organisation’s attack surface is, the more risk it faces, yet organisations must confront this risk level head on.

Luckily, Perimeter 81’s robust, scaleable security platform can be up and running in minutes, enabling the security posture to be both managed and improved. Meanwhile, the company continues to invest in cybersecurity innovation and product development, in tandem with angles stemming from a solid, expanding knowledge base that will assist partners to grow their own businesses every day.

Perimeter 81 - which also functions as a VPN alternative - equips partners up front with everything they need to succeed, from training, technical and sales support to certifications, marketing collateral, and much more. With a full-fledged toolkit to hand, any partner can enhance sales for the longer term, ensuring longevity and shoring up margins.

Also, so assisted with simpler deployment and comprehensive technological understanding via extensive vendor support, Perimeter 81 partners have more time and headspace available to bring on new customers, fully support them and develop new revenue streams.

Regardless of vertical or customer size, you can now support the entire tech stack with a cybersecurity solution that's not only 100% cloud, but can replace multiple vendors - delivering a multi-tenant unified management platform through a single vendor relationship.

Integrations available include AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Heroku, Salesforce and Splunk.

Call the team at Orchestra today to learn more. We're on +44 (0) 20 8733 7155 in the UK - or click here and scroll down to send a message.

( Image by Fruity-Paws from Pixabay )