Customer organisations can save more time and resources by engaging with and adopting the power of generative AI (GenAI) - now emerging for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and managed services providers (MSPs) from GFI Software.

The roll-out of GFI's visionary GenAI CoPilot strategy is set to ensure the troops across customer organisations are no longer held back from achieving optimum productivity, driving real revenues. In future, they'll more easily move that frontline forward.

As announced over summer, GFI Software is adding GenAI components to all its software products - a truly ground-breaking initiative that will ultimately bolster its entire product array.

The idea is that each product in the portfolio has its own CoPilot, building on the wins of sister company IgniteTech's Jive CoPilot. (You can read the full original GFI announcement here).

Users can expect a leap in functionality, utility, and overall user experience as a direct result, through using GenAI for sophisticated data summarisation, Q&A capabilities, and advanced search - delivering the kinds of future-forward, responsive, real-world applications that attract customers and drive efficiencies.

But here's how partners can drive extra sales

Market Development Funds (MDFs) have been released to fortify GFI partner mutual growth in Q4 - as along as distributors support the development of the GenAI CoPilot strategy for customers, in at least one activity.

Needless to say, we at QBS stand fired up and ready to meet this challenge head on, with all accuracy and impact.

After all, generative AI type technologies can generate content, solve complex problems, and even assist in teaching and learning. It can be like having a fast-working, in-house resource at your fingertips who is available whenever needed - we think the potential for GFI CoPilot solutions is huge.

This goes beyond relatively straightforward, perhaps even single-use, applications, like written and pictorial content creation.

GenAI can achieve so much more

Consider the benefits, for instance, of content personalisation - enabling organisations to deliver ever more resonant, relevant content to assorted target audiences, streamlining marketing ideation and success, even for brand strategy.

Or what about additional automation and orchestration for campaigns? GenAI can boost marketing results and scale by increasing automation aspects, making campaigning more responsive to sentiment data and other analytics.

GenAI can also help organisations analyse data, even in real-time, much more effectively, increasing organisation agility.

In partner recruitment, GenAI can help analyse large datasets to identify prospects and 'match-make' effectively, at the same time engaging the double-barrel benefits of automation and personalisation for engagement and retention.

As McKinsey says, GenAI is pushing the boundaries of what's possible in sales and marketing - with open-source platforms now penetrating sales frontlines to accelerate organisational abilities to tackle complexity at pace.

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( Image by Mirko Toller from Pixabay )