In today's world, let's be honest: you simply can't skimp on data protection. For businesses on the lookout for a backup solution that ticks all the boxes—efficient, budget-friendly, and reliable - BDRSuite by Vembu stands out.

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Pinching Pennies in Data Protection Pays Off

Data is pivotal for modern business success, but safeguarding it shouldn’t bleed your finances dry. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and startups, in particular, require an effective yet economical solution. BDRSuite emerges as the ultimate cost-effective backup solution, allowing businesses to fortify their data without fiscal strain.

BDRSuite’s Feature Arsenal: A Deep Dive into Cost Savings

BDRSuite isn’t just about affordability; it's a treasure trove of features designed to cut IT expenses while securing your data comprehensively. Let’s dive into the details.

All-Encompassing Coverage

From virtual machines (VMware, Hyper-V, KVM) and servers (Windows, Linux) to endpoints (Windows, Linux, Mac), cloud environments (AWS, Azure), SaaS applications (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace), and databases (SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle), BDRSuite offers affordable data protection software that covers them all. This broad spectrum of protection ensures you're getting top value for your investment.

Backup Automation

With BDRSuite, manual backups are a thing of the past. This backup automation software streamlines your data protection process, minimising human error and freeing your team to focus on core operations.


Leverage the cloud with BDRSuite’s BDRCloud, a secure and scalable cloud backup solution. It offers a safe haven for your data in the cloud, ensuring accessibility and protection.

Tailored Pricing That Fits Every Pocket

BDRSuite stands out with its flexible pricing and licensing, tailored to fit every need and budget:

  • From Subscription to Perpetual Licensing, prices are designed to accommodate every business size—beginning at just $1.80/workload/month for VM & Server backup, $0.45/Endpoint/month for Endpoint backup, and $0.40/User/month for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace backup. 
  • With editions like Enterprise, Standard, and Free, BDRSuite caters to all business needs, making it the ideal data protection solution for SMBs, enterprises, and service providers alike.

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Maximising Your Investment with BDRSuite

Opting for BDRSuite is a strategic play for robust data protection. It’s not just picking an affordable backup solution; it’s about choosing a platform that maximises value. Here’s how BDRSuite ensures your investment goes a long way:

  • Flexible Licensing: Choose the licensing model that best suits your business, enjoying savings without sacrificing protection.
  • Free Edition for Small Environments: Operating on a tight budget? The Free Edition offers essential features at no cost, providing solid protection for small setups.
  • Expert Support:  Vembu’s support team is ready to assist, ensuring swift help whenever needed.


Offering a suite of features that cater to diverse environments, including virtual, cloud, and physical infrastructures, BDRSuite stands as the comprehensive, flexible, and budget-friendly backup and recovery software businesses have been searching for. Whether you're looking for secure data recovery services, cloud backup services, or a robust physical and virtual backup software solution, BDRSuite, distributed by Team QBS, has you covered.

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