When your documentation goes digital with DocuSign, you'll scale at pace and automate the entire agreements process with electronic signing, search and review that saves time and boosts accuracy across document management lifecycles.

For QBS partners offering DocuSign, you'll gain opportunity from greater customer satisfaction, rising alongside productivity and revenue eased administrative tasks and documentation.

Benefits go far beyond eSignature

Latest DocuSign innovations include the ability to accelerate time to approval in Microsoft Teams -- one of the most widely used business collaboration applications today.

Needing approvals from legal, sales, HR, procurement or other departments and functions can be a critical productivity bottleneck in many organisations regardless of size or vertical. These issues can typically be vastly reduced through streamlined digitisation approaches.

With this integration an e-signature approval within the Approvals app can streamline approval requests while updating and notifying approval status, working with the chatbot-powered DocuSign eSignature for Microsoft Teams.

In addition, DocuSign eSignature for Stripe means organisations can bring their payments and agreements together for simpler workflows, folding two tasks into one.

That means users can further reduce the complexity of document management, removing the need to bridging data across different systems and software with a patchwork of manual workarounds.

You can also send agreements and approvals for e-signature directly from DocuSign for Dynamics 365 or easily prepare and send documents for e-signature with Microsoft applications including Word, SharePoint or Outlook -- and more, such as integration with the Azure OpenAI Service for further document review simplification and ID verification.

DocuSign benefits in a nutshell

  • Eliminate wasted time on manual search or review, slashing the time needed to pinpoint the correct documents of interest, using DocuSign's advanced full-text search functionality and DocuSign envelope metadata to filter, sort and compare, including side-by-side comparisons
  •  Increase agility and effectiveness of business performance by making document review fast, accurate and broad where required
  • Control unconventional or 'rogue' agreements as part of breaking down typical document management siloes including the ability to import envelope metadata from multiple DocuSign organisations
  • Ensure customer service can turn on a dime in both internal and external responses, such as customer inquiries
  • Deliver visibility of all documents wherever they are, from DocuSign accounts to external resources like Dropbox, OpenText, SharePoint or Box.

DocuSign doesn't believe organisations truly need to trade off efficiency and risk to manage documentation even in the cloud. Why not learn more?

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( Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay )