Because more complex IT security strategies won't typically increase security on their own, organisations must proactively find ways of identifying unseen vulnerabilities, taking a more diligent, holistic approach to cybersecurity.

For instance, in a survey by Hornetsecurity, respondent organisations that activated more Microsoft 365 security features actually reported more cyberattacks in the last year by as many as 29% of the companies polled.

Hornetsecurity advises moving end users away from simply relying on features out of the box, which may mean reacting to issues rather than proactively moving against them.

Instead, by supporting a selection of tried and tested, user-friendly solutions -- such as Hornetsecurity email filtering and cloud security -- with other dedicated security solutions and services, end user customers are likely to enjoy the optimum route to protection.

Complementing Hornetsecurity with Altaro's Hyper-V Backup solution, for instance, can advance opportunities for application providers, MSPs and channel partners through QBS's next-gen software delivery platform.

The rise to cloud and hybrid is raising the stakes

All too often, features in an off-the-shelf product may be misconfigured, leaving vulnerabilities.

In addition, 62.6% of respondents in the Hornetsecurity poll indicate that the main roadblock to implementing security features within their organisation is 'not enough time or resources'.

Those using one or two Microsoft 365 stock security features reported attacks 24.4% and 28.2% of the time and using six or seven features correlated with attacks 55.6% and 40.8% of the time, respectively.

Meanwhile, cloud and hybrid cloud solutions are increasingly favoured by many end-user companies across Europe and North America. In a Q1 poll by Hornetsecurity, 47% of respondents from internal IT teams reported that workloads will be “mostly in the cloud” in five years -- the share rising to 52% among MSP customers.

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( Image by Robert Waghorn from Pixabay )