IoT data platform management experts Tributech can help partners ride to the rescue of organisations increasingly suffering from data poisoning tactics and IT/OT cyberattacks.

Tributech empowers secure data access and exchange at the edge of the modern, more 'porous' network, as well as easy transfers to other systems, including applications and platforms.

The platform includes

  • the Tributech Node IoT and data management middleware with a blockchain-based data security layer for providing trustworthy data 'as a service', incorporating  unified data integration for IoT gateways, embedded IoT devices and API connectors. The data management layer facilitates working with 'warm' and 'cold' storage paths, audit trails and metadata.

  • the Tributech Agent application assists IoT edge gateways to collect, notarise and transmit trustworthy IoT data as-a-service. Collected data is notarised via cryptographic proofs stored within a blockchain-based security layer. Developers can connect any data source and plug/play integrations via industry protocols including MQTT and OPC-UA.

Because data is such a valuable organisational asset, we at QBS and Orchestra have teamed up with Tributech's European deep tech expertise to solve for data-centric challenges across applications and platforms.

This, in our view, represents a hyper-growth opportunity for partners.

The Tributech advantage

Tributech is an innovative data sovereignty and cybersecurity leader that's focusing on the rise of data poisoning and data hijacking tactics, especially in the IT/OT space.

As Raphael Kapsamer, Tributech's partner development manager, explains, Gartner and other leading pundits have concluded that data poisoning will be a major cyber security threat in the future.

It only takes a tiny fraction of poisoned data to heavily impact the decision accuracy of an application or algorithm.

When training data for AI/ML, data poisoning can become a major problem -- reflecting intentional manipulation of data sets to change the behaviour of an application or algorithm. Yet few organisations are optimal at detecting poisoned data; existing technologies typically only cover parts of a data pipeline.

With the Tributech technology platform and stack, customers can collect, transmit and share data in a tamper-proof way, benefiting from a data processor layer for edge and embedded devices, heterogeneous infrastructures, data platforms, and data services.

Leveraging Tributech in the drive for automated, standardised and secure data integration and prevention strategies, partners can help customers achieve peace of mind in relation to the broad array of cyberthreat attacks, while complying with increasingly complex requirements for data management and handling procedures.

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( Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash )