When customers consider augmented or assisted reality (AR) in enhanced workflows, few might immediately think of digitally enhanced, remotely connected communications for warehousing and logistics.

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC) in Thessaloniki, Greece, is one of the largest bottlers for Cola-Cola by volume -- producing about two billion unit cases a year for the soft-drink brand.

When the manufacturer sought to optimise logistics and customer service, it selected an assisted reality smartglasses-based solution from Ubimax (now part of TeamViewer).

Suzana Rari, supply chain manager at Coca-Cola HBC Greece and Cyprus, says the technology has boosted logistics and quality assurance.

"We were able to improve our productivity while at the same time increase our picking quality and thus our customer satisfaction. It could not be better," she said.

The firm now aims for 100% accurate order picking using TeamViewer's Frontline xPick AR solution, running on RealWear HMT-1 smartglasses. Items, their locations and the quantities to pick are displayed on the glasses, right in the pickers' field of view.

Picks are then re-confirmed by scanning pallet QR codes with the camera embedded in the smartglasses. Order data is updated automatically via Coca-Cola's SAP software and warehouse management systems.

The entire process is quicker and more precise as the pickers become familiar with the new system, according to a case study by TeamViewer. The sensor-enabled Frontline xPick offering also supports incoming, outgoing and sorting of goods, inventory control and other warehousing processes.

Previously, teams of 12 picked multi-product orders in the warehouse using a tablet and handheld radio-frequency scanners, with crates, shrink-foiled bottle packs and cans packed on pallets for lorry pickup.

The TeamViewer Frontline offerings - xPick, xMake and xInspect - are part of the diverse TeamViewer Tensor enabled portfolio, which includes solutions for remote work, remote IT support, IoT connectivity, remote management, AR workflows and AR remote support.

TeamViewer Tensor is a SaaS-based remote connectivity platform for the enterprise that aims to provide a seamless, device- and platform- agnostic experience as well as next-generation remote access and support that is both scaleable and securely controlled.

The idea is that organisations can boost productivity, slash costs and improve IT services by adopting a single integrated remote access and support platform.

TeamViewer has also added to its AR-related portfolio in March by acquiring AR-focused digital workflows specialist Upskill, which also targets frontline work via smartglasses and handheld mobile devices like the TeamViewer Frontline solutions. However, Upskill has been adopted more in manufacturing, retail vision picking, inspection, and audit processes.

"TeamViewer will integrate the Upskill, Frontline and TeamViewer Pilot and IoT solutions, and create even more industry-specific packages for endless use cases in all verticals," the company said in the official release.

"Upskill has delivered high quality solutions in complex assembly, wire harness manufacturing, airfield maintenance, and more to some of the top aerospace companies, including Boeing."

( Photo by Quang Tri NGUYEN on Unsplash )