TeamViewer remote connectivity alongside TeamViewer AssistAR is helping Mitsubishi Electric not only enhance customer support but improve repair processes for its engineering teams, according to Jakub Kwiatkowski, solution business manager at Mitsubishi Electric Poland.

"It enables us to help customers achieve better throughput from our industrial automation systems and optimise production processes," Kwiatkowski says.

With TeamViewer, Mitsubishi Electric technicians can contact support on their smartphones and communicate what is going in real time in the factory, also using the smartphone camera to show remote support staff the on-site equipment they need help with, in a live session while they work.

"The support engineer can see what is going on in real time. For example, what the LED lighting looks like or the messages on the machine screen," says Kwiatkowski.

"We can 'look over the customer’s shoulder' and provide real-time support that minimises interruption to the production line."

TeamViewer AssistAR can also connect to Microsoft HoloLens devices for collaboration on shop-floor problems affecting operations and guide staff on site through the steps needed for a fix.

Previously, Mitsubishi Electric's engineering support team had found that dealing with complex technical issues by phone or email was inefficient, with travel to customer sites becoming more difficult due to Covid-19.

Remote connectivity applications like TeamViewer, TeamViewer Tensor for the enterprise, and TeamViewer AssistAR (formerly Pilot) are increasingly useful for remote team support.

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( Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash )