Miro is the vendor to choose when teams need to collaborate more effectively on projects, visually and creatively, wherever they are. And these online whiteboarding and collaboration tools align with critical cybersecurity and compliance requirements.

With Miro Enterprise Guard, users of the Miro visual workspace are defended better than ever:

  • Automatic identification, classification and protection of sensitive and confidential info across the content lifecycle.
  • Teams can confidently, compliantly engage on projects, from creation to retention and disposal.
  • Support legal discovery and preservation requirements - automatically and at scale.
  • Apply native, risk-adjusted controls and automation to protect sensitive data.

Miro Enterprise Guard is an industry-first advanced security and compliance layer for collaborating with Miro that reduces the potential headaches for IT admins and security teams now that security and governance has become so critical.
In addition, Miro complies with SOC 2 type II, SOC 3, ISO/IEC 27001, TISAX, and CSA. 


Leading analyst firm IDC has noted that the greatest pain points when moving to a digital collaboration platform can be security concerns.

Cybersecurity solutions traditionally take approaches that can make ideas and content less accessible - but when it comes to digital collaboration platforms, this would potentially reducing productivity and the point of having the platform in the first place.

Miro Enterprise Guard means organisations can:

  • Mitigate security concerns and still empower the workforce.
  • Easily collaborate with external users as well as internal team members.
  • Drive a full range of efficiencies through closer collaboration, addressing solutions and issues in a more timely manner.
  • Benefit from a well integrated easy-to-manage solution to creative communications and innovation.

Download the one-pager here.


Miro itself doesn't stand still when it comes to innovation, reflecting the need for teams to continually refresh practice and process by thinking outside the box.

With Miro, you can communicate and create illustrative, engaging projects and presentations faster than ever as innovations are rolled out.

Among its monthly updates for February 2024 are:

  • The ability to apply brand styles to diagramming shapes via the relaunched Brand Center.
  • Use of an AWS cost calculator for estimating AWS service price points, planning spend, and finding cost-saving opportunities.
  • New Talktrack reactions for instant emoji-powered feedback to recordings 'in the moment'.
  • Rapid-replace of images and icons with swift retrieval from Miro's consolidated media library, preserving already-applied cropping and formatting.
  • Even more choices of customisable, visually appealing templates for fast creation of impactful slides and presentations.
  • One-click restoration of previous styles, immediately undoing unwanted changes with a 'reset' button in the styles panel.
  • Generate QR codes for boards -- scannable for meeting participants and even add anonymous sticky notes.
  • A powerful update to Miro Assist, the platform's AI writing assistant, enabling you to improve written communications, aligned with desired clarity and tone.

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Miro templates available for specific project team requirements include the likes of Erwan Derlyn’s A/B Test Hypothesis Template, easing organisational adoption of systematic frameworks for formulating business hypotheses, based on methodology in Craig Sullivan’s Hypothesis Kit.

And with Appolica’s Problem Hypothesis Generation, founders and innovation teams can use Miro to more easily identify, articulate, and validate the core problems their products or services aim to solve, or project designers and planners can use the projectdesigntoolkit_DRC’s How Might We (HMW?) Template to reframe problems and turn challenges into opportunities.

With Miro Enterprise Guard making it easier to find and manage the ever-growing volumes and types of complex and unstructured data in Miro collaborations, distributed teams of any size can - as the vendor says - "dream, design and build" real business solutions with enhanced flexibility and agility.


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