For partners targeting the increasingly complex and challenging requirements around cloud and hybrid environments, the N-able acquisition of Spinpanel delivers advantages that can accelerate growth.

As N-able explains in last week's announcement, the acquisition of a trusted Microsoft cloud management and automation platform company like Spinpanel will help customers, including MSPs and cloud solution providers (CSPs), address the rapid shift to cloud and current scarcity of skillsets.

N-able's mission is to help IT services providers deliver remote monitoring and management (RMM), data protection as-a-service, and security solutions.

With the acquisition of Spinpanel -- a multi-tenant Microsoft 365 management and automation platform built for Microsoft-focused CSPs -- direct and indirect CSPs will increasingly be able to reduce complexity, bring efficiency, and profitably scale their Microsoft businesses.

Leading Spinpanel selling points include its ability to automate the provisioning, security, and management of all Microsoft tenants, users, and licenses in a single consolidated hub. It's already used by an array of Microsoft partners and IT organisations worldwide.

If you're an N-able partner who manages or resells Microsoft cloud services for SMB customers,

Spinpanel can help you tame the Microsoft cloud and drive more value for customers.

With more direct access to the N-able portfolio of powerful, scalable solutions and free educational and marketing resources, Spinpanel can help them excel -- with addition into the full N-able product portfolio expected in Q3 of 2022.

N-able fuels IT services providers with powerful software solutions to monitor, manage, and secure their customers’ systems, data, and networks. Click here to watch a pre-recorded YouTube webinar showcasing the benefits.

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( Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay )