NHS England is working with Smartsheet to improve patient outcomes -- implementing its enterprise platform to eliminate siloed processes and streamline digital transformation.

The new Digital First Primary Care programme at NHS locations across north-west England has ditched Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations in favour of Smartsheet's dynamic yet centralised enterprise platform.

Stewart Cooper, senior programme consultant at NHS, says that switching to Smartsheet has made it easier to spot when a project is running late or in danger.

"We can identify the situation in real time, make the necessary adjustments, and stay on track," Cooper says.

"The simplicity of Smartsheet made it easy for all of our project managers to on-board and understand the solution immediately."

This had made the team's work more rewarding, Cooper says. The team previously used Excel to manage projects or capture data and PowerPoint to report on success metrics.

Those methods had proven "extremely labour-intensive" and sometimes even inaccurate, Smartsheet says.

Instead, Smartsheet’s platform -- delivered through the channel -- drives digital-first initiatives across services including primary care and telehealth, helping staff complete more projects accurately and at pace.

Dympna Wilson, programme manager at the NHS, says Smartsheet quickly became an "almost standard" solution.

"All the improvements we’ve made through Smartsheet empower us to do one thing: look after patients more effectively," Wilson says. "People are saying: 'This is what we should all be using.' So we look forward to seeing what else we can achieve."

Within three weeks, Smartsheet partner Russ Consulting was able to 'stand up' the Smartsheet solution at NHS England.

Mike Arntz, chief revenue officer at Smartsheet, says Smartsheet's mission is to empower any organisation to drive meaningful change.

"By working with like-minded partners, we can assist organisations to achieve their missions."

Leading the race to innovate

In earlier news, Smartsheet announced a tie-up with the McLaren Formula 1 car racing team, becoming an official technology partner of McLaren at the 2021 Brazilian Grand Prix.

Smartsheet says its technology is being integrated into McLaren Racing infrastructure to help drive the team’s digital transformation, with "an initial focus" on smarter asset management to support fan engagement and race operations -- through Smartsheet’s digital asset management platform Brandfolder.

As the nature of work evolves, workers are seeking out new approaches to ensure projects are aligned, processes standardised and teams connected across the tools they use most, says Smartsheet.