ShareGate, the migration tool that ramps up control over complexity in today's Microsoft 365 (M365) cloud environments, has added tenant-to-tenant mailbox migration to its ever-expanding toolbox.

This level of granularity in the ability to migrate mailboxes makes ShareGate the comprehensive migration package for M365, according to the vendor. With tenant-to-tenant mailbox migration from ShareGate, you can:

  • Increase agility to meet project timelines, budgets, and business continuity.
  • Keep all tenants easily organised and updated as required.
  • Avoid issues with Microsoft-native cross-tenant mailbox migration.
  • Better manage large, complex enterprise migrations.
  • Eliminate the need to buy yet another license to manage M365 migrations.

In fact, tenant-to-tenant mailbox migration has long been one of the most requested features from ShareGate users - as well as the top migration workload for M365 after SharePoint itself.


Seamlessly migrate to M365 and streamline hybrid environments, empowering users and IT teams alike to do more with less - proactively managing one of the most popular toolsets for workplace productivity today. Easily scale up and down, enhancing organisation dynamics, even during mergers, acquisitions and restructures. ShareGate already supports tenant-to-tenant mailbox migration from Exchange Online to Exchange Online or M365 but is taking another step up, with the full capability in public preview as of January 2024 and general availability coming soon.


If a migration project slows, hits a block or bottleneck, or even fails, IT teams typically have to commit to looking for and trying a new solution. Many so-called 'solutions' are clunky and non-intuitive, while additional licensing can be based on complicated pricing policies and models.

It can take even more time simply checking everything has been migrated as desired.

At the same time, even Microsoft’s own tenant-to-tenant migration offering is a paid add-on. Yet migrations usually need to be fast, efficient and ideally, as a non-core activity, should add as little to the overall cost burden as possible.


ShareGate has acted to tackle the major pain points of mailbox migration, relieving some of the burden on the IT team.

Benefits include:

  • Ease of use, with an intuitive user interface (UI)
  • Simple ways to select one, some or many specific mailboxes for migration.
  • Messages, attachments, and folders arrive intact at their destination.
  • Easy attribute labelling for flagging and prioritisation.
  • Automated, adjustable mailbox mapping, with summaries and specificity.
  • Phase migrations with easy sequencing tools such as date-frames and filters that mean you can migrate what you need when you need it.
  • Powerful governance and control features, including reports, to enable proactive IT management.
  • Deployments in minutes, distributing work across teams right out of the box.

With ShareGate, organisations can migrate to and consolidate M365 tools with confidence, including exporting from the likes of Google Drive or Box.

The ShareGate migration tool is a client side-only application that uses available APIs (CSOM, REST, GRAPH, SOAP, etc.) and other methods to copy source elements at the destination.

With ShareGate, you can merge, restructure, move, or ‘split and peel’ Teams and SharePoint environments with a simple drag-and-drop.

With ShareGate, you can limit and avoid delays caused by the myriad factors that can affect migration time frames - from hardware performance to M365 throttling, machine locations, custom permissions, metadata complexity and versions (to name a few). Download a tenant-to-tenant migration playbook.


With ShareGate, Office 365 & SharePoint migration, reporting, and security management has never been simpler.

  • Easily migrate M365 environments, from Office to SharePoint.
  • Benefit from clarity even with custom user requirements.
  • Enhance usage visibility and risk comprehension despite sprawl.
  • Double down on governance and compliance, protecting content and data.

Click here  for minimum and recommended system requirements.

ShareGate can install on any machine with SharePoint site access - there's no need to install it on the SharePoint server.

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