Partners can now choose remote monitoring and management (RMM) from N-able knowing that even more customers will likely favour the brand.

That's because N-able has published its first annual environment, social and governance (ESG) report, covering its progress towards tackling issues of concern for managed services providers (MSPs) and other partners today - including e-waste, carbon emissions, diversity and inclusion.

Not only do partners and customers benefit from knowing they're working with organisations with leading technologies but understanding that the vendors are adding to efforts to solve big challenges across the planet.

So what's in the report?

The N-able ESG Report 2022, out 4 May, showcases the global software innovator's continued, expanding work to optimise energy consumption and lower environmental impact across its whole portfolio, including N-able N-sight RMM, N-Central, and Cove Data Protection.

N-able, as a recognised industry pioneer, is working thoroughly to integrate ESG considerations across its global operations - striving to be an exemplary company with a culture and practice that supports people, partners and beyond.

This year's ESG highlights for the vendor include: a drive to adopt local sourcing and daylight-harvesting best practice in hub renovation activities; developing a system to track carbon emissions from business travel, including from flights and hotels; and a new UK initiative for responsible disposal of e-waste.

The e-waste scheme, in partnership with Vyta and the Turing Trust, has already offset 81 tonnes of CO2. And for 2021, N-able estimated that its key datacentre partners' energy use comprised 85% renewables, with Scope 1 and 2 emissions measurement forecast for 2023.

In addition, N-able is keeping pace with and expanding compliance and governance programmes, including for enhanced cybersecurity.

Multiple initiatives target 'diversity, equality and belonging' goals, incorporating enhanced support for the LGBTQIA+ community and people of colour. Also, employees are encouraged to train and take up volunteer work opportunities.

RMM to meet your management needs

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