When you need a leading SaaS platform for managing and automating collaborative work from the most simple task to more complex processes, look no further than Smartsheet.

That's why at QBS we're so excited to announce that Smartsheet has named us Distributor of the Year for 2023 at their star-studded global partner awards event, held on 18 September.

The Distributor of the Year 2023 award honours the distributor who best represents Smartsheet while enabling partners to secure sales and revenue growth streams.

With Smartsheet, organisations can manage any kind of work through a spreadsheet style interface that's familiar to so many as well as easy to use - fostering superlative team productivity as well as visibility across operations.

That means capabilities like rows for customer names, order information or tasks, card views for Agile project management strategies, comments and archiving, cell-linking functionality, rules-based formatting, and Gantt charting features.

Organisations move to Smartsheet to enable easy file syncing and sharing as well as creating digital assets and other content as a collaborative team in the cloud. Manage execution from a streamlined interface with the visibility and automation you require for team tasks, processes and even projects.

Messaging and communications involving voice, text or video between team members can be based as well as easily searched, reducing the need to painstakingly unearth and reveal comms trails and emails to track events, tasks or issues.


So what is Smartsheet?

Smartsheet can be understood as an enhancer of existing toolsets. Smartsheet columns are similar to columns in a typical spreadsheet, but also have special properties that make using your sheet easier and more powerful.

As Dave Stevinson, group CEO of QBS Technology Group, explains: "Within today's digitally transformed organisations, it's more critical than ever to foster smarter, smoother decision-making across tasks, processes and projects - reducing unneeded friction within teams.

We’re thrilled to be named the Smartsheet Distributor of the Year, a reflection not only of our care and diligence in choosing the ultimate solutions for end-user organisations, but of the tireless work and creativity put into every partner relationship by our own dedicated staff and channel.

"Our sincere thanks go out to Smartsheet for this remarkable honour."

Massive opportunity exists for Smartsheet and QBS partners in EMEA, both from partners interested in joining our programme and customers looking for high-value locally provided services.

Alongside QBS, partners and customers can achieve powerful remote collaborations while managing digital and virtual workplaces - hand in hand with security and privacy measures.


So call us today to learn more about how collaborative efforts via key partners like Smartsheet are key to both ours and your success going forward. In the UK we're available on +44 (0) 20 8733 7100, or simply click here to email us.