In partnership with our software publishers – Kaspersky, TeamViewer, ShareGate, Nitro, Bitdefender, Foxit, Bluebeam, JetBrains, Miro, DocuSign, Invicti, Solarwinds, Untangle, Darktrace, N-able – QBS proudly supported the T&RA with their flagship Northern Rackets competition – held in Manchester in November.

Rackets is the fastest ball sport known to mankind and the precursor to Squash but is played with a much faster ball and in a larger court. It is an exhilarating spectacle to watch. The tournament was inaugurated in the 1960s as both a Real Tennis and Rackets competition. As of 2021, the Gold Racquet is one of the premier amateur events on the calendar. The tournament has grown in stature over the last 15 years, and the list of recent winners comprises some of the world’s best players from the 21st century.

The competition took place over three days from October 31st, with the finals taking place on November 2nd.  The winners were:

-        Ben Cawston won the Gold Racquet title, beating Theo Taylor 3-0 in the final

-        Alex Duncliffe-Vines and Ben Cawston won the Doubles title, beating Robert Shenkman and Christian Portz 3-0 in the final


“Our stated purpose at QBS is to enable publishers and customers to optimise their procurement process and create value for all stakeholders, sustainably. We know that this is only possible through: our collaboration to ensuring a healthy planet, our contribution to an equitable society, and our commitment to strong corporate governance. Engaging with and investing in our local communities is critically important to us, and our work to achieve positive social, environmental and community impact has a strategic bias towards the support of emerging sports and wellbeing. Becoming the primary sponsor of the 49th Gold Racquet and the ongoing association with rackets is something that echoes our QBS Values.” Dave Stevinson, Group CEO, QBS.


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