If you're seeking an e-signatures and digital documentation partner, a great place to look is GigaOm's Radar Report for 2023.

QBS partner Nitro has just been named a market leader in e-signature technology for the second consecutive year by major industry analysts, who rated multiple vendors on performance, features, compliance, customer experience and pricing.

In essence, using Nitro Sign means trustworthy electronic signatures that meet or exceed global security and compliance standards. The software incorporates multiple layers of state-of-the-art protection and identity verification as well as scaleability, flexible integrations and APIs.

That's because a significant e-signature solution doesn't merley support the creation, execution and distribution of e-signatures but multiple use cases, scaleability and flexibility across a range of countries, languages and interfaces.

Of course, to meet increasingly stringent regulatory compliance requirements while staying abreast of critical fixes and innovations, Nitro regularly releases updated products with new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

So what did GigaOm say about Nitro?

GigaOm’s 2023 Radar Report for E-Signature Solutions flagged up Nitro Sign benefits including:

  • extensive compliance support, including for SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI standards
  • direct digital eID integration for around 30 jurisdictions
  • leading data field configuration and analytics functionality
  • best-in-class pricing tiers with low add-on fees
  • automation and digitisation across document workflows
  • support for end-to-end digital documentation processes
  • scalability and security due to its high-trust global datacentre strategy,
  • fully fledged security provisions and tamper-proof seals at the signature, rather than envelope, level
  • broad portfolio that can support even the most complex use cases

Consumers and vendors are driving the shift to e-signatures, with users nowadays expecting digital facilitation as standard in many processes.

Businesses prefer end-to-end process capabilities to standalone solutions. E-signature functionality has become a core component rather than a 'nice to have'.

With e-signatures now considered valid in virtually every jurisdiction, with direct integration of national identity providers now becoming commonplace, users expect more customisability and functionality within their document management suites.

And when more products can be bundled into a single package, in a  platform strategy, that drives more revenue in the channel too.

For expert guidance on selecting the right SaaS-based e-signature vendor for either the SMB or the enterprise situation, speak to QBS today.

( Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash )