If your customers are among the many that seek greater documentation efficiency, security and visibility, the latest innovations from eSign and PDF workflow company Nitro Software could fit the bill.

A combination of new product features, enhancements and integrations have been rolled out across the Nitro Productivity Platform -- comprising Nitro PDF Pro, Nitro Sign and Nitro Analytics.

With Nitro Software's globally focused SaaS solutions, organisations can manage digital workflows to greater advantage.

Introducing key enhancements


  • New ROI Dashboard in Nitro Analytics, boasting automated ROI calculations and data that can improve document workflow decisions.
  • Improved user interface in Nitro PDF Pro for Mac
  • Expanded SharePoint, Azure and iManage integrations in Nitro PDF Pro
  • High-trust e-signing and eID with advanced security via Nitro Sign Premium (formerly Connective)

For example, users can open, upload, edit and save SharePoint documents or access documents anywhere with Nitro PDF Pro -- as well as manage document versioning with automatic check in and out.

PDF integration made easy

Nitro’s chief product officer Sam Thorpe says the Nitro Productivity Platform is all about enabling customers to transform documents into editable, shareable and eSign-enabled PDF documents.

"The Nitro Productivity Platform is a high-trust, secure solution built for collaboration across Nitro PDF Pro, Nitro Sign, Nitro Analytics, Document Generation and Identity Services," he writes.

Not only can users capture data that will help them identify trends and improve productivity, they can meet ever-increasing regulatory compliance requirements through trusted, valid eSignatures technology with Nitro Sign Premium.

"In addition to dashboards for Nitro PDF Pro and Nitro Sign, we’ve added a new ROI Dashboard with paper and cost saved by eSigning, time saved by eSigning, and the environmental impact of eSigning," Thorpe writes.

With the productivity score, users can also view the health of their organisation across five core components - license utilisation, usage frequency, PDF productivity, e-signing usage and print reduction.

At QBS, our team stand ready to show how Nitro’s solutions can help customers get the most out of documentation and related workflows -- give us a call.

( Image by free stock photos from www.picjumbo.com from Pixabay )