How the customer organisation today works with contracts, forms, spreadsheets, blueprints and other documents is key to winning the race for digital transformation - which is why, at QBS, we partner Nitro.

After all, it's imperative that documentation can be managed cleanly and efficiently wherever possible if customer organisations are to benefit from the latest technological advantages - especially in the cloud and across hybrid environments.

In a business where multiple teams grapple with paper-based tools, these resources often become isolated, leading to missed opportunities for connection and process integration. Such integration could save significant resources, including time, and dramatically enhance productivity.

The majority of employees are already well-versed in using PDFs and editing digital documents in their basic forms. By incorporating Nitro's fully compliant and secure eSigning solutions, you can easily digitise more processes. This not only streamlines workflow across various teams but also leverages their familiarity with digital documentation, making the transition smooth and efficient.

Fully proven, compliant and cost-effective eSign solutions like Nitro Sign - just one of Nitro's productivity and transformation-driving offerings - not only help deliver to digital transformation objectives but also assist with the crucial task of driving greater sustainability.

Sustainability, too, is not only good for the environment but for the organisation's reputation and brand.

The average worker uses around 10,000 pieces of paper every year

So it just makes sense to reduce that amount with a Nitro solution - especially if you multiply that by the number of employees and other workers in any given organisation.

In a recent Deloitte report, 87% of executives agree that investing in environmentally sustainable practices offers long-term economic benefits as well.

That's not just about saving paper - paperwork management takes time, reducing productivity. And when documentation isn't 'joined up' through full digitisation, customers can easily become frustrated - for example, when they have to offer the same details or information to an organisation all over again.

We haven't even discussed the drag on revenues that compliance issues can cause.

Really, therefore, it should be no surprise that one in three tech workers complain about the problems caused in the non-digitised workplace by having to equip and support employees both in the office and remotely.

Instead, customers can deploy digitisation with fully compliant document automation from Nitro to help solve all these issues - enabling employees to spend more time and resource on their core activities, generating higher revenues long term.

By creating documents automatically with one or more of Nitro's smart digitisation solutions, organisations can master the inherent challenges of creating, generating, maintaining and keeping compliant an ever-expanding, diverse documentation base.


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