The privilege access management (PAM) experts at Delinea have unveiled a new release of DevOps Secrets Vault that will deliver even better security for coded credentials and greater flexibility for developers.

Included in the high-speed vault for devops and devsecops teams looking to connect application layers in the cloud are:

  • Bring Your Own Key (BYOK)
  • GitHub Actions integration, and
  • user interface improvements

With BYOK encryption key management for Amazon Web Services (AWS), developers achieve full control of the encryption key, using use existing AWS encryption key instead. And access to the key can be easily removed to prevent secret credential decryption when investigating those all-too-frequent potential compromises.

Integrating GitHub Actions means that now developers will be able to fetch secrets securely from DevOps Secrets Vault to use in the GitHub workspace, all while coding in GitHub. This streamlining for workflows means they'll no longer need to store secrets in GitHub's repository configuration -- reducing risk.

Additionally, the graphical and command line interfaces have been improved with an eye to increasing usability and flexibility. This will help developer teams to keep working in their preferred interface.

A Forrester survey commissioned by Delinea found in 2021 that 57% of respondents had suffered a security breach that was down to secrets exposure via insecure devops processes. Many expect this type of incident to increasingly plague organisations, alongside the frequent endpoint attacks that compromise data and IT infrastructure.

Earlier in December, the company also rolled out new Privilege Manager features for Windows and Apple workstations, including improvements to the authorisation control for the native MacOS agen. 

Alongside its many products that deliver secure control including DevOps Secrets Vault and Privilege Manager, Delinea is the vendor of Delinea Secret Server (formerly Thycotic Secret Server), a super tool for managed services providers in sectors where top-flight secrets management is critical.

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( Image by David Mark from Pixabay )