Network packet recording and analysis with LiveWire - from LiveAction Software - can help your customers master the complexities of network performance management (NPM), delivering scalable network visibility for in-depth network and application performance insights.

And now the advantages are magnified, with the latest release of LiveWire delivering the ability to retain up to eight petabytes of packet data for the same costs and footprint as before.

That means organisations can potentially increase their retention of packet data by a massive 600%, including telemetry data from physical and virtual LiveWire appliances and acquiring detailed network and application performance data that's not available via simple network management protocol (SNMP), NetFlow protocol, or application programming interface (API).

At the same time, customer organisations can transition easily from high-level monitoring to detailed packet analysis, delivering agility for fast isolation of a problem's root cause.

Integrate with LiveNX NPM and ThreatEye

Naturally, LiveWire integrates seamlessly with other superlative offerings from LiveAction such as LiveNX NPM and ThreatEye network detection and response (NDR) to deliver even more highly comprehensive and penetrating analyses.

In fact, the latest LiveWire product family is expected to supercharge network visibility, empowering SecOps and NetOps teams with these vastly enhanced packet analysis capabilities that enable them to do, see and know more about the network at all times.

Effective management of network infrastructure, performance and compliance is critical, but frequently it can be costly and complex to achieve. That's why LiveAction’s LiveWire solution does all this at a lower price point and smaller datacentre footprint.

For instance, when practitioners can play network traffic back over a longer period of time, they can develop a more profound understanding of network security and performance issues - driving a fully optimised network even in today's more disparate, hybridised environment.

Three separate upgrades in the LiveWire product family that deliver these new advantages include a triple-boost to existing software with real-time, lossless compression, massive upgrades in the underlying hardware of LiveWire Core and PowerCore appliances which boosts potential density.

Manage multiple instances with ease

There's also a new SaaS-based management layer, assisting the management of multiple instances across a large environment. Previously purchased appliances can receive updates of the new software.

And when you extend network monitoring with LiveWire, the organisation is poised to take advantage of the full LiveAction benefits, including enhanced employee productivity, streamlined report generation, fewer manual processes, significant NPM savings and fast ROI.

As analysed by Forrester Consulting, the ROI enjoyed by LiveAction customers can accrue as high as 153% in just three years.

When you're ready to unify and simplify the collection, correlation, analysis and presentation of application and network data to manage and secure large and complex networks while remaining vendor-agnostic, take a look at LiveAction.

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( Photo by Conny Schneider on Unsplash )