Partners working with Automox are empowered to enable cloud-native deployments that are always managed, configured and secured to meet more customer requirements - moving from reactive, behind-the-curve endpoint management to proactivity with a click.

Now, Automox has launched an even faster way to ingest and remediate the thousands of vulnerabilities that crop up, right across a diversity of operating systems and incorporating third-party software solutions.

Of course, we're talking about the latest version of Automox's much praised Automated Vulnerability Remediation (AVR), for Windows, macOS and Linux machines.

How the new AVR ramps up remediation

Automox is all about automating traditionally laborious configuration and even patching, achieving compliance across multiple devices with a single VPN-free platform.

Automox's freshly announced AVR delivers end-to-end remediation of thousands of common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE), prioritised accordingly via Rapid7 InsightVM - so the job of the IT team becomes easier while the stakes for vulnerability management continue to rise.

By working with Rapid7’s InsightVM, vulnerabilities are ingested and grouped logically and by severity for fast remediation - taking reboot requirements into account as well.

Fast remediation happens via endpoint patching or script automation, leveraging Automox Worklets - a smorgasbord of scripts that Automox is continuously building out.

For example, just in the last month, the vendor highlighted the ability to easily and immediately disable password authentication for SSH with the FixNow feature, and a Powershell-based maintenance worklet for removing old and thus especially risky profiles - and now there's also Otto AI to ease your path to new worklet innovation.

Attain superior control across app-diverse environments

After all, almost all (98%) of organisations could be doing business with a third party that has already suffered a breach - based on figures from a Cyentia Institute survey of 230,000 firms quoted by cybersecurity website Dark Reading in February 2023.

That means end-to-end scanning, identification, prioritisation, and remediation of vulnerabilities are increasingly critical when partners and their customers are managing third-party software application risk.

Enter Automox, which has been working with us at Orchestra by QBS since launch. If you're seeking expanded opportunities, why not take a look at further developing your offering with IT management automation, enhancing your ability to patch and configure vulnerabilities at pace and at scale?

Call the Orchestra team today on +44 (0) 20 8733 7155, or click here for more information.

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