LastPass has added a slew of enhancements to its password manager software, including account recovery, save-and-fill, and onboarding improvements -- and been named Password Management Solution of the Year by the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards Programme.

Oksana Balytsky, senior product marketing manager for LastPass, said that free, premium and business users could also expect further improvements to come, including to the user interface, security dashboard and web extension.

"We’re always working to make LastPass better for our users," she wrote.

James Johnson, managing director or CyberSecurity Breakthrough, noted that 80% of data breaches are due to weak, reused, or stolen passwords.

"Password management can be overwhelming for employees and their admins, especially in today’s modern, remote-work environment.

"LastPass Business (formerly LastPass Enterprise) is built for this environment, delivering 'breakthrough' password management tools for end-users and admin tools to increase employee adoption and enable flexibility," Johnson said.

Paddy Srinivasan, chief product and technology officer at LogMeIn, said: "Last year, as more people were forced to work at home and cybersecurity became increasingly complex, we chose to upgrade our LastPass product application based on customer feedback."

According to LastPass, IT security teams spend four hours every week on password management-related issues alone and receive 96 password-related requests per month -- so anything that reduces this burden can represent huge savings.

Key improvements in LastPass

LastPass's Bylatsky explained that LastPass by LogMeIn users can now set up account recovery via the web vault as well as the browser extension or mobile app. This means there are more ways to recover an account if, for example, the master password is lost or forgotten.

"We’ve also rewritten our save and fill functionality on Android to increase reliability and work better on common sites. You’ll continue to see this feature improve over time," said Balytsky.

A new onboarding flow on iOS is set to guide users through account setup, including turning on Face ID and adding or generating passwords via the app.

"We’re working on improving our user interface and making the entire save and fill experience more intuitive and user-friendly," added Balytsky.

"You can expect to see prompted saves of credit cards and addresses, a reduction in native browser password interface, disabling Google Password Manager pop-ups, and a new in-field experience."

(Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay )