The devtool experts at JetBrains have added full-line code completion in the latest 2024.1 updates to popular JetBrains integrated development environments (IDEs) - including IntelliJ IDEA and other recently updated IDEs available from QBS.

JetBrains' AI-powered full-line code completion complements the JetBrains AI Assistant in that it aims to speed up devs' work even further. Together, they go beyond the standard code completion in JetBrains IDEs that's been available for some time.

With the addition of full-line code completion, devs can:

  • Complete lines of code with single-line suggestions based on current-file context.
  • Benefit from specialised language models trained specifically for different languages and frameworks, without having to send code online.
  • Code faster with greater accuracy, freeing up time and head space for innovation while supporting efficiency and productivity across production teams.


  • Both offerings help teams benefit from AI functionality in JetBrains IDEs, but JetBrains AI Assistant offers additional features such as context-aware smart chat and the ability to generate tests or write documentation.
  • Full-line code completion, on the other hand, runs locally without sending any data over the internet - broadening access to AI benefits in coding workflows, such as when connecting online may be risky for data protection and compliance.
  • As more organisations build AI into daily workflows, few can afford to be left behind. JetBrains full-line code completion recognises and addresses the fact that AI can also introduce risk into certain workflows, giving an alternative way to secure AI benefits.