Lighten the load on IT teams and employees with TeamViewer Tensor, solving enterprise-level remote access connectivity and support challenges.

With TeamViewer Tensor, you'll deliver organisations a great chance to enhance productivity, reducing frustrations and time-to-resolution of issues that ripple across a workforce.

  • Enjoy cost reduction across remote support and maintenance tasks.
  • Solve challenges faster and easier, freeing skilled staff for core activities.
  • Win more business by increasing resources available for innovation.


TeamViewer Tensor empowers technicians at Italian pro coffee machine manufacturer Cimbali Group in successfully managing their network of 700 distributors, enhancing the ability to enjoy cups of hot, freshly ground coffee across some 100 different countries.

Because customer service, especially globally, relies heavily on after-sales experience, it's crucial that Cimbali can deliver on technical support at all times.


Previously, Cimbali Group or one of its distributors usually had to dispatch a technician to respond to any issue with a coffee machine. As you can imagine, this was often time-consuming and expensive.

TeamViewerTensor brought significant savings in reach:

  • Reducing phone calls and chains of email messages.
  • Machine issues can more easily be solved remotely - slashing commute times and reducing carbon footprint.
  • Problems can be resolved much more quickly - making for happier customers and increasing the chance for repeat business (both for Cimbali and the customer's operation).

With TeamViewer Tensor, Cimbali Group slashed machine downtime, reducing service travel costs by up to 15% and boosting technician efficiency by up to 20%. You can read the whole case study here.

The TeamViewer team (and QBS) also stand ready to develop the necessary activities with organisations, including software modification that might be required when you're connecting a less traditional endpoint -- such as, say, a coffee machine.


  • Technicians easily gain reliable and secure remote access via their screen. Learn more about TeamViewer Tensor security and protection for businesses - join these free 30min webinars, on demand, covering single sign-on, conditional access, and auditability.
  • Software parameters can be swiftly adjusted online following comprehensive assessment of customer requirements. Don't forget you can also track and patch any device remotely, even on mobile.
  • Empower technical teams with comprehensive device management, with information on every distributed device such as CPU health and storage at their fingertips - Quick Actions is a new feature for even faster finding and accessing devices and users.
  • Wave goodbye to the everlasting backlog of support tickets, by quickly identifying issues and solving them, orchestrated with a queuing feature that lets technicians view, organise, and track requests.
  • Access the option to schedule pre-approved access, so selected support staff can connect to a device at a specified point in time - meaning they can shift tasks according to priority without additional user confirmation.
  • Slash time-wasting and tedious manual tasks with automation and predefined user roles with standardised permission sets - from setting up new user accounts to assigning and re-assigning user permissions or provisioning software to individual employees. Apply changes to one user, or many.

And TeamViewer Tensor boasts multiple security advantages, having been tried and tested by so many customer organisations through countless threat situations.


IT support is critical for company success yet teams are so often overstretched, so what are you waiting for? Partnering TeamViewer Tensor from QBS means your customer or organisation might ease burdens - which should also be great for staff retention. Then, maybe the team really will be able to schedule in that break.

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