Pioneering secure access service edge (SASE) software from Perimeter 81 is set to further empower channel partners and their customers via a link-up with Check Point Software Technologies.

Customers and partners enjoy the security benefits for hybrid and cloud environments of working with Perimeter 81 for speedy, secure remote access to websites, datacentres and the internet.

Perimeter 81´s fast-to-deploy, easy-to-use technology already offers a unique suite of capabilities for remote users and branch offices alike - including cloud delivery of the solution incorporating network protection on the device itself, for lower latency, reduced complexity, and reduced privacy concerns.

And you can deploy Perimeter 81 in just an hour, for minimal admin cost.

But now Perimeter 81 and Check Point will work together, this will fortify both partners' positions in the growing SASE market, covering off converging zero trust network access (ZTNA), firewall as a service, and hybrid secure web gateway (SWG) solutions.

Perimeter 81 won 54 awards from for Fall 2023

Perimeter 81's multiple awardwinning approach adheres to today's zero-trust principles while facilitating full mesh connectivity advantages for users, branches and applications.

With Perimeter 81's robust yet easy to use cloud-native converged network and security platform for connecting all users and resources wherever they are, any business can build a secure corporate network that's private and global, without hardware.

But in addition, we're now looking at a horizontal and vertical build-out of cybersecurity innovation across both brands.

For instance, Check Point also recently acquired Atmosec, a company specialising in the rapid discovery and disconnection of malicious SaaS applications. This will enhance the SaaS security offerings available to customers and partners, keeping organisations safe as the cyber-threat landscape continues to evolve.

Both Perimeter 81 and Atmosec are set to benefit alongside Check Point Infinity architecture, delivering a complete SASE offering across internet access, zero-trust private access, SaaS security and SD-WAN.

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( Image by Ethereaum from Pixabay )