With CoreView, IT teams can gain control over the various aspects of a hybridised Microsoft 365 (M365) based environment - including by leveraging its simplified, streamlined admin and governance capabilities.

Hybrid architectures in the organisational environment aren't going anywhere soon, which means too that demand is set to rise for CoreView, with its CoreSuite Hybrid Connector for management-friendly M365 tenanting, whether you're talking about Active Directory or Exchange.

Deliver full value, full oversight, and full speed to customers struggling with their complex M365 environments with CoreView and QBS for maximum support and revenue opportunities.

And this is something many customers will be delighted not only to learn about but to deploy - after all, M365 isn't going away any time soon either, despite the chaos and confusion that can ensue.

CoreView knows that many organisations have invested huge resources in their hybrid environments, yet still find cloud migrations problematic. Meanwhile, account authentication and policy implementation with compliance remain critical challenges - even, or especially perhaps, in a cloud environment with a mixture of solutions.

Risk must be controlled, with needed availability delivered without fail.

Enter CoreView's CoreSuite Hybrid Connector. The idea is to enable a simplified and secure layer for all objects - from accounts, permissions or groups to memberships, streamlining administrative tasks.

It facilitates the automation of related processes such as synchronised user provisioning, on-prem password management and group membership, user unlock, deprovisioning for users that have been disabled, create or modify on-prem users or mailboxes, enable and migrate mailboxes and much more.

Customers can rest assured that the misconfiguration and inconsistencies that cause failures, breaches and compliance problems will become far less likely.

With the hybrid functionality in CoreSuite, customers can address insufficient delegation capabilities in Active Directory as well as the need for advanced PowerShell scripts when the global user interface is lacking. Also, reporting and management can advance beyond the identiy aspect of existing identity and access management (IAM) tools.

CoreView can lead the way on M365 management

With CoreView, you access a platform that's easy to use - intuitive even for non-technical team members. But that's not all. With CoreView you'll achieve visibility into all aspects at pace, presented via an interface that allows users to see it all at a glance.

When you need the ability to manage on-premise and cloud-based users all together, delegating with ease at a highly granular level, and automate processes across license management, governance and other 'housekeeping' type tasks, CoreView can deliver it all while reducing what can be seen or accessed by those who just don't need to see it.

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( Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay )