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Transform Your Business Operations with Smartsheet's AI Tools

Experience a new era of efficiency with Smartsheet's AI enhancements:

  • AI-Powered Chart Creation: Gain rapid, in-depth insights with AI-driven data analysis.
  • Automated Formula Writing: Enhance your data processes with AI-generated formulas.
  • AI-Assisted Support: Receive instant, AI-driven support to boost your productivity.

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Hornetsecurity webinar: Navigating deep fakes and deep hacks

  • Date & Time: 1 February, 11 AM (UK time)

Join us to uncover the secrets of Deep Fake creation and the risks of falling victim to ransomware. Have questions about Hornetsecurity and their technology solutions? Reach out to Team QBS.

Bluebeam Webinar: Mastering Digital Dashboards in Revu

Join the interactive webinar and learn the secrets behind the success of Digital Dashboards in Revu. Martin Appleford-Cook, Bluebeam’s Technical Sales Engineer, will guide you through:

  • Digital Dashboard Setup: Easy steps to get started.
  • Boost Collaboration: Discover how Digital Dashboards streamline reporting, information retrieval, and save time.
  • Troubleshooting Made Simple: Learn to navigate common challenges effortlessly.

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Stormshield's Endpoint Security Achieves Elite CSPN Certification

The ANSSI-endorsed CSPN certification highlights the superior security of Stormshield Endpoint Security Evolution EDR, offering robust defense against malware, ransomware, and zero-day threats. 

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