Managed services providers (MSPs) like DefenTec have vastly benefited from choosing Keeper Security solutions as key to their anti-cyberattack arsenal, all while juggling better services provision to customers. 

Indeed, security-focused services became a key element in revenue generation as a direct result, such that smart-home and AV focused DefenTec has become a managed security services specialist.

Now, as well as optimising customer data environments through managed services, IT support, IT consulting, and cloud computing, DefenTec also fortifies them with secure Wi-Fi design, network audits and password management.

All Keeper vault contents can be encrypted, from logins to file attachments and TOTP codes, payment information, URLs and custom fields, with encryption keys generated locally on the device, preserving zero knowledge and supporting advanced features including record and folder sharing.

Commonly, security breaches can be traced back to weak or ineffective password management, leading to compromise of the network - resulting in leakage of data or information, unplanned downtime, reputation and performance destruction, or even business failure.

Keeper Security can deliver a platform that houses all of the data as well as the ability to manage it all from a single easy-to-use dashboard.

In addition, Keeper can prove a genuine boon to managed security services providers (MSSPs) especially, as their position looking after other company IT systems entails their own special, rigorous password management requirements.

Read the full Keeper/DefenTec case study here.

Administrators take note

As an admin working out of an MSSP, you need the agility to assign different user rights to various individuals at several customers. It just doesn't cut it if these changes take, say, 10 or 20 minutes to carry out and take effect.

When users request access, they need things to happen right away.

You don't want to struggle when you're asked to make a separate account for each and every customer, each with a specific administrative dashboard. Rolling it into one wherever possible for ease and simplicity of management has to be best practice.

Once again, Keeper Security stands tall here among other solutions. With its range of offerings, you can easily either use Keeper internally or deliver it as a managed service to your customers.

At Orchestra by QBS, we selected Keeper Security as a high-growth partner partly because their developers have clearly gone out of their way to make such a user-friendly product. You almost can’t go wrong simply reading and following what's on the screen -- it guides you, or your customers, through whatever you need to achieve, resulting in greater efficiencies and even productivity gains.

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( Photo by Kate Townsend on Unsplash )