Teaming up with Automox on cybersecurity is set to assist more businesses to reach certification that will not only keep them and their customers and partners safe but help their organisations prosper and grow.

Automox, a QBS Orchestra partner focused on the expanding MSP opportunity, stands head and shoulders above many vendors in this regard -- because Automox solutions mean businesses can qualify for the UK government's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Cyber Essentials certification scheme.

Achieving 'the Cyber Essentials' doesn't sound hard, but the cybersecurity goal posts keep shifting. The nature of cyberthreats is that they evolve, which means even the NCSC has to keep pace by changing basic requirements.

Indeed, last year's technical review resulted in additional complexities which the NCSC admits some organisations will find challenging, especially as the deadline to update compliance is April 2023.

How partners like Automox free up resources

The scheme outlines, for instance, patch management as a Cyber Essential -- something every organisation should do right, no ifs, no buts. However, despite their best efforts, many organisations continue to struggle with patch management.

Increasingly distributed and hybridised business environments make this task trickier and more critical too. Assets must be managed at a remove, wherever they are located, and updates applied swiftly.

Against this backdrop, organisations will be forced to keep devoting more resource to keeping up with cybersecurity, reducing the share of resources and headspace to innovate and drive core business value.

Thankfully, MSPs, resellers, and distributors can beat this challenge (and others) by working with Automox to ensure that end user organisations and endpoints are patched quickly following software updates -- and that means in a matter of days.

Automox enables user organisations to update millions of endpoints and keep them updated automatically, not least because it offers control via a single viewpoint.

With Automox's zero-infrastructure, cloud-native architecture, IT professionals can create and automate any custom task or policy across an entire environment in minutes.

Automox is deployable anywhere and on any operating system, opening up the opportunity for customers to eliminate manual patching yet harden critical infrastructure at lightspeed when vulnerabilities are identified.

Why this helps your business grow

For the MSP, too, a 97% reduction in labour costs achieved by fully automated patching of customer systems can have significant appeal.

Compliance with NCSC Cyber Essentials means users will be well protected versus a wide variety of common cyber attacks, reducing overall vulnerability. At the same time, the certification delivers greater peace of mind, partly by allowing organisations to demonstrate that they have key technical controls in place.

Customers and partners can also more easily move up the list when it comes to bidding for government business -- especially if sensitive, personal information or certain technical offerings are involved.

Increasingly, customers of MSPs and resellers will require the Cyber Essentials, whether to protect themselves or simply ensure compliance. This is a huge opportunity for Automox and partners alike -- contact QBS Orchestra today.

( Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay  )