Three enhancements are set to make endpoint security, management and coding tasks such as PowerShell scripting better than ever for customers and partners choosing Automox.

First up was Worklets - reusable "work units" for application irrespective of location or domain membership for delivering and distributing custom software, policy and configuration - if you can script it, you can turn it into a Worklet.

With Worklets and Ask Otto, a ground-breaking generative AI agent, teams can automate ITops on a grander scale - and, soon to be unveiled, Worklets Signing will help organisations tackle unsigned scripts and the potential for PowerShell abuse.

In this way, Automox is set to hugely improve coders' ability to execute custom IT tasks, whether deploying to endpoints or servers running Linux, macOS or Windows.

As a result, businesses will be empowered to patch, configure, manage, and secure their IT infrastructure efficiently, with less risk and enhanced productivity among the team.

The struggle for effective ITops automation

Many organisations have so far struggled with automation implementations, with ITops skills gaps contributing to this. In fact, 30% of respondents in recent Gartner research ranked "insufficient skills" as their top challenge.

At the same time, Skillsoft's 2022 Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report found that two thirds (66%) of IT decision-makers may have critical skills gaps in their teams = contributing to worse business outcomes.

With Automox, related scripting tasks can become both easier and more secure - for a start, commands in Otto AI can be issued in plain English.

Customers have been asking for help to automate mundane tasks that will give them time back for more important work. With Ask Otto, they can easily and rapidly create powerful Worklets for automatically patching, managing, and configuring endpoints.

Advance management and security with Automox

New settings will ensure all PowerShell scripts coming from the internet can be signed while still allowing locally created scripts to run without signature, and soon users will also be able to use a bespoke Automox Worklet in conjunction with the vendor's script signing solution.

Worklet Signing will enable attack surface reduction, assurance of script integrity, and strong technical control over authorisation, simplifying PowerShell scripting tasks while keeping endpoint management tasks secure even in transit.

Of course, if organisations are using other PowerShell scripts in the environment, they must either sign them as well or migrate them into Automox, according to the vendor. It's all about moving from reactive to proactive, cloud-native endpoint management simply and easily.

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