Choose AnyDesk - out now for Windows in version 8 - to ensure customer organisations benefit from truly secure remote access and support with robust encryption and dynamic client management.

AnyDesk status as a smarter choice for remote access software is due in no small part to its ability to generate IT efficiencies with centralised management, easing the burden on IT and support teams.

Customers enjoy heightened security that incorporates the ability to make changes to client management via encrypted private key, and they're empowered to customise security permissions for clients and/or default settings for each client.

Management is dynamic - with a lot you can do in real-time, even post-deployment. Who doesn't want a solution that enables instant adjustment to client settings on the fly, even the ability to customise multiple clients at the same time? And there's no need to actually redeploy clients post-edit.

In short, AnyDesk is incredibly customisable, enabling personalisation and customisation per client and/or build to meet specific or even unique requifements, while at the same time you have a solid foundation from the start via default client settings that themselves can take the settings that best suit the organisation.

Digging deeper you'll discover more capabilities

With AnyDesk's dynamic build abilities, you can edit custom clients in real time, even post-set-up and post-deployment. And you can customise settings for multiple clients at once by editing their build, automatically applied to all clients by linking.

AnyDesk's dynamic client configuration means you can managing the feature set of each individual client, automatically applying the results without having to redeploy individual clients.

At the same time, client lists per build can be grouped and filtered - fast. You can easily check list and search them too.

Encryption via private key means only authorised persons will have access, while security features such as permission profile and forced login can be selected, enabled and disabled for each client.

Rules can be set by default for all licensed clients, and a global proxy server can be automatically assigned. Master-permission profiles too can be applied to all clients in one go.

AnyDesk also rolled in further improvements to the app message system recently, as well as other enhancements, too - always highly welcome! This is one provider that never rests on its laurels.

Traditional remote access and support software frequently failed to do the "heavy lifting" for the new complexities of the hybridised IT, increasingly digitised workplace environments.

However, with AnyDesk you can not only connect easily from anywhere to any device regardless of OS, but you can interact with those remote endpoints essentially as if they were local - supporting not only the remote desktop but remote support, remote maintenance, online collaborative work and so much more.

Myriad business benefits

AnyDesk solutions include an address book, file transfer, remote reboot, remote printing, session recording, privacy mode, unattended-device access, "remember session" settings, active tech support via ticket, chat or phone, wake-on LAN, and two-factor authentication (2FA) - round out the business version of the admin and customisation friendly cloud or on-prem offering.

And by compartmentalising the network, AnyDesk can be used strictly internally.

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( Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay )