Atera has partnered Microsoft Azure OpenAI, powering up to solve key challenges for managed services providers (MSPs) that want to enhance their ability to monitor and manage customer IT.

With Atera, MSPs can take customer businesses (and their own) to the next level, not least because effective network management is so essential. And through the Microsoft partnership announced in July, MSPs leveraging Atera to supercharge every aspect of ITops, every day.

That means AI-powered IT (AIT) that can tackle anything from automated ticket summaries to auto-generated responses to users, AI-suggested solutions, intelligent insights, and scripts to run automations.

Benefits flow on from seamless integration of Microsoft Azure OpenAI end to end with Atera's remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform.

Of course, that's on top of Atera's other market-leading integrations with ESET, AnyDesk, ThreatDown by MalwareBytes, Acronis, Axcient, Webroot, and others.

Atera is moving up in the market

The new AI capabilities don't stop with co-pilot type assistance for more complex problem solving or scripting and the like, however. User organisations leveraging Atera are also set to benefit from auto-pilot functionality that enables automated password resets, machine reboots and other for end-user self-troubleshooting for frequent IT issues.

As Atera itself explains, aligning with the AI trend offers significant and ongoing advantages for MSPs and other value-adding channel partners. Obviously, an AI-powered platform can reduce the burden of routine tasks and 'grunt' work for teams, meaning they can turn their attention to innovation and complexity - increasing productivity.

AI-powered IT is set to help boost accuracy, improve task management, assist with the further development of 'big data' capabilities, and evolving systems - itself becoming a driver of far-reaching innovation across multiple industries, sectors and roles.

That means AI enablement is about to become a competitive necessity to boot, with benefits cascading both up and down the stack.

With AI RMM can do even more

Additionally, AIT means user behaviour and preferences can be ingested, analysed and acted on increasingly in ways that maximise automation and personalisation - taking offerings closer than ever to the customer requirement.

Just think about Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) capabilities for human-like user interactions that help develop more advanced RMM insights or even assist organisations to bridge skill gaps.

And with Atera's platform integrated with Azure OpenAI and compliant with HIPAA and SOC 2, security concerns need no longer represent an AI adoption barrier for RMM prospects.

We hardly need note that AIT itself is becoming a new category of product to add to every partner portfolio, thus helping build out profitable revenue streams even as customers see gains in efficiency and productivity.

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(Image by Jae Rue from Pixabay)