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Effectively enables, monitors and manages the legitimate sharing of image files.
In business, sharing pictures over email presents both legal and network risks. Duty of care requires you to prevent the circulation of pornography, obscenity, racism, confidential images, intellectual property, and inappropriate jokes. And exchanging large image files may demand too much archiving storage and network bandwidth resources. Many administrators solve these issues by using arbitrary image size and file type controls, or blocking images completely, but this only prohibits legitimate email and often impedes productivity.

IMAGEmanager effectively enables, monitors and manages the legitimate sharing of image files over email while protecting confidential or copyrighted images. IMAGEmanager also stops the circulation of pre-registered images that should not be distributed by email, under any circumstances.

IMAGEmanager - Features

Image policy control is achieved by:
  • Our content aware MIMEsweeper for SMTP engine which uncovers and recognizes all types of image files by their true file types.
  • Applying sophisticated algorithms to detect and automatically classify images to allow automated policy decisions on email images.
  • Creating a protected library of known images - independent of file type or file name - to stop someone hiding images by changing the file type.
  • Reducing the administration overhead needed to administrate blocked images that may be falsely classified.

Feature & Benefit

  • High image classification accuracy- By allowing the pre-registration of sensitive images they can be classified, recognized and protected to stop loss.
  • Pornographic image recognition- Unique algorithms enhance the accuracy, reliability and resilience to correctly classify pornographic images.
  • Fully scalable solution- Fast image detection algorithms ensure that messages being scanned are not impeded. Image compliance controls- Specific rules on how images are shared, stored and distributed as well as permitted email routings and payloads, with full monitoring and audit trails.
  • Image exchange controls - Allow legitimate exchanges between specific users and groups using allowed file types, sizes, extensions and message direction.
  • Image monitoring mode- Applying image policy silently without enforcement to understand violations, or just track specific events.
  • Intuitive web-based management- To simplify administration and auditing IMAGEmanager allows the creation of acceptable and unacceptable images in the image quarantine area for administrators.

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IMAGEmanager - System Requirements

IMAGEmanager is built into the core of MIMEsweeper for SMTP and no separate hardware of software is required to use IMAGEmanager, just an additional licence key.
It may be necessary due to the additional processor loading due to the image analysis to considering using multi-core processors or the fastest single core processor to ensure no throughput issues.

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