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Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway (SEG)

Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway (SEG)

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E-mail gateway security product including content-inspection and filtering technology and a policy centre to assist with development of effective e-mail-use policies.

Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway helps organisations to mitigate spam, neutralise viruses and prevent data leaks without hindering the free flow of messages.Modern business simply couldn't function without email. However, both incoming and outgoing messages can pose significant risks to the security of company networks and confidentiality. It is therefore vital that an organisation's email gateway is able to defend against these threats.

Built on MIMEsweeper, Clearswift's content-inspection and filtering technology, the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway is a resilient email gateway for 50 to 50,000+ users. With the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway installed, your organisation can be confident that it is protected from digital threats and data leaks while employees communicate freely by email.

Key Features:

  • Inbound threat protection: Featuring integrated Kaspersky and / or Sophos anti-virus, with automatic updates every fifteen minutes to provide the latest protection. These technologies are supplemented with zero-hour anti-malware and active code detection to ensure that no malware comes in or goes out, via email.
  • Best-of-Breed spam detection: The NEW Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway comes with a completely redesigned anti-spam engine incorporating the best-of-breed Mailshell component. This reduces the amount of spam reaching the end-user and the number of false positives.
  • Context-aware content inspection policies: Flexible policies and context-aware content inspection mean you no longer have to choose between free-flowing communications and unacceptable risk.
  • Adaptive Redaction Clearswifts unique: Adaptive Redaction features permits the content of messages and attachments to be modified dynamically based on policy. The Data Redaction feature allows information to flow when before it would have been blocked.
  • Adaptive Data Loss Prevention: Data loss is one of todays biggest organisational concerns. Be it the latest designs, customer details or private employee information, the loss of intellectual property can ruin a company, both from a financial and reputational perspective.
  • Compliance: Staying within the bounds of a regulatory framework is very important. To help you maintain compliance, the SECURE Email Gateway includes standard templates and dictionaries for common terms that may indicate a data breach.
  • Email encryption: With TLS as standard and cost options to provide either S/MIME, PGP and password protected files or Web portal-based encryption, the Email Gateway offers a variety of options to cater for customer requirements.
  • Management and reporting: The user interface of the Gateway is powerful, yet simple to use. With roles based administration, automation and policy re-use, its quick and easy to build policy, manage violations, track messages and report on trends and behaviour.
  • Deep content inspection: True file-type detection that recognises files by signature and not by extension allows the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway to understand files accurately.
  • Flexible deployment options: You decide how you want to buy and deploy the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway, either as a pre-installed hardware appliance, as a software image that can be loaded on a choice of hardware platforms or alternatively virtualised in a VMWare / HyperV environment.

Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway (SEG) - Features

Features & Benefits

  • Default policy- Out of the box policies against hygiene and data loss threats.
  • Flexible policies- Define advanced policies to control how email is shared, stored and distributed. Policies linked with directory servers to reduce management overhead
  • Centralized control- Auto-updating of policies to multiple Clearswift appliances for consistency and time saving.
  • Policy-based routing- Automated policy-based disposal to encryption or archiving.


  • Bi-directional malware scanning- Stops known and unknown malware infection with a built Kaspersky Anti-virus
  • TRUSTmanager- Sender reputation and connectivity filter rejects up to 80% of spam.
  • SpamLogic- Multi-engine anti-spam to provide at least 99.5% spam detection.
  • ThreatLab LIVE- Proactive threat mitigation patching against new digital attacks.

Content inspection

  • True binary file-type controls- Accurate identification of attachments to detect unrecognized file types.
  • Content-aware content inspection- Policy control over all message content.
  • Lexical and Regular expressions- Built-in and custom detection of common business terms including payment card industry (PCI), personally identifiable information (PII) and compliance terms.
  • Dictionaries supplied- Auto-updating managed lists for mutli-language profanity and editable compliance dictionaries (Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GLBA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Securities and Equities Commission (SEC), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)).

Management and reporting

  • Web based interface- No requirement to learn Linux
  • Consistent user interface with other Clearswift products- Reduce training expenses if you have a Clearswift Web Appliance as the UI shares a common look and feel
  • Pre-defined reports- Easy to modify, run and share reports with interactive drilldowns.
  • Customizable scheduled reporting- Allows you to create once, run and distribute as scheduled.
  • Active directory (AD) and LDAP integration- User based policy controls for flexible policy enforcement.
  • Auto-security updating- Maintains email security levels while reducing administration time.
  • Back-up and restore- Scheduled and immediate back-ups of policy, data and logs for auditing purposes, with full or partial restoration.
  • Multi-appliance reporting- Consolidated view of user activity for easier analysis and sharing of security and management data.
  • Multi-appliance quarantine- Consolidated management of quarantine areas across a distributed deployment
  • Multi-appliance message tracking- Run message tracking queries from any node in your configuration
  • Personal message manager - user quarantine- Delegation of spam to users reducing administration and speeding up email delivery.
  • SNMP, SMTP and SMS (with service) alerting- Allows lights-out datacenter deployment.


  • Dell Appliancev- Backed by worldwide field service agents to repair at your site, in the unlikely event of hardware faults
  • Hardened Linux operating system (OS)- Independantly Penetration tested and hardened by default.
  • Soft appliance option- Allows you to choose the most appropriate alternative hardware platform from HP, IBM and Dell.
  • VMware ESX/ESXi virtualization support- Enables security and server consolidation in a VMware environment; ideal for both production and disaster recovery deployments.

Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway (SEG) - System Requirements

System Requirements

  • CSE- 50 to 500 users, Dell hardware with next business day support
  • ENE- 500+ users up to 2.6m messages per day throughput, Dell hardware with four hour business day support
  • VE- 50+ users, for customers own hardware - IBM, HP and others, or VMware ESX & ESXi


  • All models- Up to nine email appliances in one common peer group
  • N+1 resilience and scalability- By peering an additional support appliance


  • Getting Started Guide- 7-Step deployment guide, typical deployment in less than 45 minutes
  • Evaluation Guide- Step by step guide for evaluation of key Clearswift Email Appliance features

Key components

  • Operating system (OS)- Penetration tested, hardened Clearswift Linux
  • User interface (UI) - Web-based UI offering intuitive roles-based management
  • MIMEsweeper- Our content aware filtering and policy management, reporting, logging and auditing engine with full lexical scanning and lexical expression building
  • TRUSTmanager - Connectivity and sender reputation anti-spam filter
  • SpamLogic- Multi-engine anti-spam filtering
  • ThreatLab Live - Pro-active anti-spam signature updates and new malware protection
  • ThreatLab managed lists - Built-in lists for screening common business terms, profanity and compliance terms
  • Kaspersky anti-virus- Award-winning anti-virus and malware engine consistently independently verified as one of the leading solutions

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