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Network Inventory Advisor

Network Inventory Advisor

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Network inventory of Windows and Mac OS networks with flexible report builder.
Agent-free solution for network inventory of Windows and Mac OS networks with flexible report builder. Software and hardware audit is simpler with PC inventory solution. PC Inventory Advisor perfectly scans networks of any size tracking various software & hardware parameters of your devices.

Key features

  • Software Inventory - detects all software installed in the network. Automatically tracks versions, install dates, publisher and other relevant PC software inventory data. Collects all OS details.

  • Enterprise Hardware Inventory - Discovers and tracks all hardware in the network.

  • All-in-one Computer Inventory - PC audit reports in one place.

  • Software Licensing Audit - Scans for MS, SQL, Office and other product keys & serial numbers.

  • Non-network assets tracking - adds non-IT assets to the inventory

  • Scanning scheduler- Automates scanning with advanced scheduler and manage PC audit reports.

  • Network-wide hardware changes tracking - notifies when something is removed, installed or replaced anywhere in the network.

  • Extremely simple and convenient asset management - enables moving, grouping, regrouping and ungrouping, reassigning and editing multiple nodes easily.

  • Reliable security software detection - features custom antiviruses, firewalls and antispyware software detection. It ensures that even server OS, or computers with disabled Security Center are inventoried correctly.

Release version 3.8 comes with fixes, operational improvements and new features such as shared grouping templates for your software, Active Directory integration and lists of nodes, and group summaries.

Network Inventory Advisor - Features


  • Automated Network Inventory
    Your network software & hardware reports in one place. PC Inventory Advisor features several types of scanning to ensure fast and reliable network inventory: agent-free scan using WMI, special agent utility, and Logon Script scanning.
    Our network inventory solution also analyses your network by compiling handy summaries with statistics on OS, devices, storage, etc.
  • Software Inventory
    Easily detect any installed software! PC Inventory Advisor automatically tracks versions, install date and path, publisher, and installation source. Get fast network inventory of startup applications, contents of "Program Files" directory on every PC, OS details like OS type, Service Pack, product key, etc!
  • Hardware Inventory
    Find all hardware installed in your network with a single click! Locate hard drives, network adapters, CPU details, system & motherboard specifications, video, audio, memory, peripherals and many more hardware of remote assets, both Windows and Mac.
  • Software Licenses Audit
    Scan for MS, SQL, Office and other product keys & serial numbers. Handle software compliance audit with PC Inventory Advisor, an efficient central place to track network software licenses in one place, easily detect their shortage and plan mass upgrades.
  • Scanning scheduler
    Automate scanning with handy scheduler, and automatically manage reports. You can easily schedule network scans with PC Inventory Advisor and receive inventory reports to your e-mail, or have them uploaded to your server, or simply exported to specified network location.
  • Reliable security software detection
    Even running Windows 2003 or 2008 you know exactly where protection is missing. PC Inventory Advisor featrues custom antiviruses, firewalls and antispyware software titles database. It ensures that even server OS, or computers with disabled Security Center are inventoried correctly. The database is regularly updated in runtime.

Everything you need for no-hassle network inventory:

  • Macs & Windows
    PC Inventory Advisor will natively scan Macs & Windows assets and keep your whole network in one place.
  • Report Builder
    Compile any custom or run one or all of 9 pre-defined reports, available right out of the box!
  • Fastest Scans
    We worked hard to make scanning as fast as possible, medium & large networks of 500+ assets are usually scanned in no more than 5-10 minutes.
  • Flexible Export
    Export any asset or network report into CSV (for Excel), SQL (for MS Access or MS SQL, or other DB engines), HTML or XML.
  • Smart Scanning
    Hit only one button and get network inventory with automatic nodes discovery thanks to our Smart Scan option.
  • Unicode-friendly
    Whatever language you or your clients speak, PC Inventory Advisor understands your locale and builds all reports in UTF-8/16.
  • Print What You See
    Any report you build, any network summary or asset snapshot available can be printed exactly as you see it on screen.

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Features in Version 3.2.791

There is a lot of effort into scanning quality now, so your network inventory experience is the smoothest and most reliable ever. With this new update, actually there was an intermediary one (build 3.2.743), several big features and a long list of minor improvements which polish the scanning process and guarantee much better experience collecting your network details have been introduced.
  • Multiple Network Logins
    There were so many requests for this feature, that it be couldnt miss out. Now you can easily specify specific logins for groups and individual nodes, so theres no need to split scanning process into several stages to get all your network assets inventoried.
  • Customizable alerts
    Now you can tune several parameters in network alerts collected by PC Inventory Advisor.
  • Windows Automatic Updates status
    Whenever you scan a Windows node now, you will get all the details on Windows Updates status, detection, download and installation date and time, as well as corresponding alerts in your network or node summary.
  • Remote desktop connection
    Now you can easily connect to any node remotely via RDP, simply right-click the node in the tree, and select the corresponding option. Windows Remote Desktop will be launched and connection will be established, wait for more RDP software solutions to be supported in the nearest future.
  • Better detection of logged on users
    Time has been spent on polishing the detection mechanisms of currently logged on users on workgroup and domain nodes. You will now find the new User Account field in every nodes factsheet, as well as correctly listed logged on user in tabular reports. Direct domain nodes scanning via WMI is also improved.
  • Fast & Stable Scanning
    Now you can achieve much better scanning results by configuring connection and scanning methods utilized by PC Inventory Advisor with the help of new options in Settings: Connection and Performance.
  • First GUI localizations
    Among the first localizations that has been added into build 3.2.791 you will find German, French, Chinese, Japanese & Russian. More languages are coming soon.


  • Nodes that were not scanned for some reason (access denied, etc) may not be added to the network tree, optionally
  • The option to show only logged on domain user accounts
  • Network summary compilation is 20 times faster now
  • Much better support for 2000+ nodes networks
  • Custom and pre-defined reports generation on Macs
  • Export into different databases is completely separated now
  • Nodes counters for groups
  • and more than 50 other enhancements and improvements in total

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Network Inventory Advisor - System Requirements

System Requirements

Compatible with:
Win 95, NT4, 98, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, x32 and x64 editions

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