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27 Feb Android Antivirus For Tablet And Mobile - ESET Mobile Security
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Protect your mobile adventures with ESET mobile security - Safely connect, shop and download apps to your Android tablet or smartphone – without worry.ESET Android Mobile SecurityESETs Android Mobile security will protect you from cybercriminals targeting mobile and tablet devices. Their antivirus programme offers premium protection from online thr..
21 Feb The Right Way To Redact Information In Your PDF Documents
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You have to protect sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. Often that’s simply good business practice, like if you’re sending out competitive data or responding to an RFP with company information.Sometimes, you’re under legal obligation, such as when filing with government bodies. Most government agencies require you to “refrain f..
17 Feb Office 365 Backup Is Your Responsibility
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Microsoft Office 365 is extremely popular with small businesses. Instead of bearing a huge upfront cost for software licenses, companies get both cloud services (email, cloud storage, collaboration) and on-premises software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more) for an affordable monthly fee.The rising popularity of Office 365 has solved many issues — ..
14 Feb Key Ways That Foxit Can Help IT Be More Productive
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Your IT team has a lot on its plate. Research shows that IT is focused on a wide variety of tasks, including:Security Initiatives - Your IT team is continually guarding against coworkers who use insecure password formats, such as their name or “password123”. As easy as this is for employees to handle appropriately, IT must be forever on their guard..
06 Jan Top 7 Ways Office 365 Offers More Security Than On-Premises Services
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It seems logical to think that data you stored in a privately controlled datacenter is safer than data in the cloud. But that’s not necessarily true.In fact, there is a broad range of security features that you benefit from when you put your data in a cloud service like Office 365. And when done right, data is more secure in the cloud than in on-pr..
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