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ASAP Utilities is a powerful Excel add-in that fills the gaps in Excel.

ASAP Utilities is a powerful Excel add-in that fills the gaps in Excel. Since 1999, it has grown to become probably one of the world's most popular add-ins for MS Excel.
ASAP Utilities is a must in every office. It's guaranteed that more than a few of the tools will be just what you've been looking for to fill the gaps in Excel. The tools from ASAP Utilities add new functionality to Excel and are guaranteed to save you time and speed up your work.

Key Features:

  • Vision Control: This tool shows the immediate result or your changes, for example if you uncheck the grid, you will see the effect immediately
  • Favorites & Shortcut keys: ASAP Utilities contains a lot of different utilities. With the "Favorites & Shortcut keys" you can add the tools from ASAP Utilities that you use most frequently and assign your own shortcuts to them.
  • Select: A collection of tools which make the selection of various items easier or now even possible
  • Sheets: Choose between add new worksheet, insert multiple sheets or rename current sheet
  • Range: Find and/or replace in all sheets, advanced sorting and sort the data in random order are some of the features also included


Debenu PDF Split Pro - Features

An industrial strength, stand-alone tool for splitting PDF documents. ARTS PDF Split Pro features a set of tools that let users perform intelligent splitting based on page content and watched folders and is built on an engine that has the power to process more than 2000 pages per minute.

The program can split PDF files by several methods:

  • Bookmarks
  • Control File
  • Control File -- full path
  • Co-ordinate file, by using ARTS PDF Split Pro Assistant and Adobe Acrobat
  • File Size
  • Single Pages

    Split by Bookmarks This method allows users to split a PDF file based on the bookmarks it contains. Each page that is bookmarked becomes the start of a new fragment, and the title of the bookmark is used to name the resultant fragment. The subsequent pages without bookmarks that follow each split are added to the fragment until the next page that contains a bookmark appears at which time the next fragment is created. The level of bookmarks to use can also be defined with the top-level bookmarks being level 1.

    Split by Control File This method allows users to pre-define the page ranges and filenames for the resulting fragments.

    Splitting by Control File - full path Splitting by 'Control File - full path splits a file based on the settings you specify in your control file, with each fragment being stored in the directory indicated by the full path in the control file.

    Split by File Size This method allows you to split a PDF file based on the users desired file size of each fragment. Specify the size of your PDF fragments and Split Pro will split your PDFs to the closest possible point KB.

    ARTS PDF Split Pro Assistant - Coordinate files

    Use ARTS PDF Split Pro Assistant to create co-ordinate files for intelligent splitting. Using ARTS PDF Split Pro Assistant with Adobe Acrobat lets users perform intelligent, page content-based splitting:

    • Split when an invoice ID or other unique identifier on the page changes
    • Split when specific text -- such as page number or chapter heading -- appears on a particular page, and use this text to name the resulting split file
    • Split when a text string appears on two pages in a row, then split the file and make the filename this repeating string
    • Split when a text string appears on two pages in a row.
    Additionally, the full range of commands available for use with coordinate files allow the user to:
    • Split based on changing page content
    • Split if specified text is found on page
    • Split if specified text is found in rectangle
    • Extract text from PDF to text file
    • Fill document summary from text on page
    • Use text from PDF as the fragment's filename.

    Debenu PDF Split Pro - System Requirements

    • Requires Windows 98SE, NT 4.0, ME, 2000, XP
    • ARTS PDF Split Pro Assistant requires the full version of Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or later. This is a plug-in for Acrobat that assists the user in creating coordinate files to use with ARTS PDF Split Pro.

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