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NetSupport DNA

NetSupport DNA

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Complete Asset Management package allowing management and control of IT assets within the enterprise, eliminating waste and redundancy and ensuring compliance with government compliance regulations.

NetSupport DNA is a complete suite of tools for managing and supporting IT assets across the enterprise for Education and Corporate Networks.

NetSupport DNA features a wealth of components including: automatic discovery of devices; hardware and software inventory; change tracking; and user and software licence management. Building on the flexibility of a single solution, NetSupport DNA also includes as standard: energy monitoring; power management; USB endpoint security; printer monitoring; application and internet metering; a flexible alerting suite; and an easy-to-use software distribution module. NetSupport also offers optional service desk and remote control modules.

Key Features:

  • Ease of Installation: Features a discovery and deployment tool for easy installation. Alerts when new devices are discovered over time.
  • Device Auto-discovery: Receive notifications of any new devices that join the network and choose whether to deploy an agent automatically.
  • Hardware Inventory: Provides one of the most comprehensive and detailed Hardware Inventory and change tracking modules available on the market today.
  • SNMP Discovery: Scan a range of network addresses and report on any SNMP devices discovered. Create Alerts to monitor the devices.
  • Software Licensing: Designed to help companies manage licence compliance and reduce software overspend by reporting and tracking installed software.
  • Software Metering: Reports application use by both user and device and provides the tools to restrict where and when applications can be used.
  • Internet Metering: Provides a detailed summary of internet activity on each PC, including start and finish times for each URL visited, plus active time.
  • Enterprise Alerting: A powerful and flexible Alerting module featuring over 100 alert types provides proactive monitoring of the company network.
  • Software Distribution: Provides multi-delivery Software Distribution. "Push" packages instantly or publish packages for departments to "pull" down.
  • Power Management: Provides both a detailed summary of energy usage and the ability to schedule power management for selected office PCs.
  • Endpoint Security: A robust and effective solution for managing the use of USB memory sticks to help maintain the security of the network.
  • Explorer mode: Gain a real-time summary of all your PCs in three formats Icon, Details or Thumbnail view.
  • Vault: The secure Vault component allows secure storage of confidential IT data.
  • System Audit: A powerful audit component which tracks all selected console activity by staff.
  • User Management: A range of features to support staff, including AD account management, user acceptance policies and much more.
  • Acceptable Use Policies: Provides automated display, enforcement and tracking of Acceptable Use Policies for staff.

NetSupport DNA - Features



NetSupport DNA provides a range of features to locate and Manage PCs and Users within a networked environment. Not only does DNA store key user data (Name, Telephone etc.) but it also provides detailed storage of supporting Asset, Lease and Maintenance data. In addition DNA provides the customer with the ability to customise the data to be gathered and collated from each user.

DNA also provides the mechanism to create Dynamic groups, these are added to the main Company Tree view and can contain PCs from any number of departments. A typical group might be "all PCs with Windows XP and more than 256Mb of Ram".

Other supporting Tools include Connection Statistics, Find User, Chat, Message and a powerful Data Query Tool.

NetSupport DNA will automatically discover all PCs on a LAN or Wan based on an IP range or utilising the existing Windows Network. Once discovered key PC status & DNA Client Status (if installed) is displayed. Using the Discovery Tool, DNA clients can be remotely installed onto clean systems across the Enterprise.

In order to maintain accurate asset information it is vital that all user/hardware & software related data is recorded. Whilst the DNA Server will dynamically retrieve information from those machines that have a Client installed, there will be instances where peripheral equipment, such as routers, will not be found or remote PCs that are not connected to the network. To ensure that this information is known, DNA provides you with the tools to add details of 'non-scanned' items manually.

NetSupport DNA provides full support for Windows 98 and above, together with the following Linux distributions - Red Hat 9, Red Hat Enterprise, SuSE 9 and Fedora Core 6.


NetSupport DNA features a powerful Hardware Inventory module that presents a wealth of information about a specific PC, from CPU and BIOS to memory, memory slots used and even those available for future expansion. When viewing the Company as a whole or a department, DNA provides quick and easy summaries by category, such as all PCs grouped by OS, CPU type or Memory.

Provides a detailed summary of all applications detected on a target PC. This information can be provided on either an individual PC or group basis. Data gathered can be customised to group differing versions of a common application, reflect company licence limits and more.

The Application Metering component reports back all applications used on a Target PC, detailing the time the application was started and finished, the actual time it was in use and when viewed at departmental level, summaries by frequency of use or by duration are shown. In addition, application usage can be restricted on target PCs by time of day, for all users or usage can be limited to specified PCs.

DNA provides a unique Alerting facility enabling operators to specify settings for pre-defined alerts. This allows for the monitoring of critical conditions such as free disk space levels or for identification of applications running. Alerts can be defined either on a Client or Global alert basis.

Like Application Metering, DNA also provides a detailed summary of Internet (or Intranet) activity on a users PC. URL's visited, duration on a page and page analysis within a specific URL are all recorded. DNA even provides a quick link to review a specific URL. Internet Metering also provides the Operator with the ability to restrict URL access based on its status of Approved or Restricted and by a flexible time based policy.

NetSupport DNA also offers two "Styles" of reporting. On Screen reports are provided with supporting Bar and Pie charts and drill down capabilities on all key summary data. In addition, Print Optimised reports are provided, powered by a Crystal Report engine that offers a full set of management reports. All reports include the option to print or export to PDF, DOC and XLS.


DNA provides a multi delivery option for software distribution. To begin, an Operator can define a Software package to be deployed - this can either be a collection of Files and Folders specified with appropriate action parameters once delivered to a target system or by recording and scripting any user prompts required during an application install so that the package can be deployed onto a users system without intervention.
Once created the application package can be automatically "Pushed" to target PCs for deployment or "Published" centrally. Once Published a User can check to see which applications are available for their PC and install these on Demand.
DNA further offers the ability to Schedule packages for distribution, whereby the user can specify the date and time to distribute a specific package. This is especially effective for out of office hours distribution when network activity is at its lowest.

To ease network traffic congestion when executing large scale deployments, DNA enables you to nominate a Client, ideally local to the target machines, to act as a 'distribution warehouse'. When the Package is deployed, rather than the server pushing it to each Client in turn, it installs at the Warehouse Client which then distributes it to the remaining targets.

Designed for situations where the application to be rolled-out does not have its own 'silent' install routine. The Packager enables operators to record and playback a 3rd party installer. All necessary keystrokes and mouse movements are stored in a script which is then played back at Client PCs without the need for user intervention.

DNA Remote Control offers advanced functionality for the effective management of remote workstations. Watch, Share or Control the screen, mouse & keyboard of target PCs irrespective of O/S & network protocol. Includes full message & text chat facilities, comprehensive security, multi-platform support & desktop integration.
For a more powerful remote control solution, NetSupport Manager (NSM) is offered as an extra module. Together with the above, NSM offers File Transfer & File Distribution, Hardware & Software Inventory, Scripting & Scheduling, The Gateway (connecting to PCs located behind firewalls) and Scan, for the monitoring of multiple remote workstation screens.

New and enhanced in v3.0

  • ENHANCED User Interface
    The NetSupport DNA User Interface has been totally refreshed for version 3. Included among the changes is the introduction of separate PC and User tree views, making it easier to distinguish between the physical asset and items associated with the user (such as Internet and Application usage), as well as a completely new navigation bar and dynamic component "action panels".
  • NEW Communication Gateway
    The introduction of NetSupports Gateway technology provides a stable and secure method for locating and connecting to Clients on Remote Networks securely via the Internet. Multiple remote locations can communicate data back to a central location with the use of the included Client and Server gateway components.
  • NEW Energy Monitor
    Aimed at helping organisations reduce their carbon footprint, meet internal energy saving targets and reduce operational costs, the new Energy Monitor component tracks all powered-on systems across the enterprise, highlighting their energy consumption and associated costs. Working day hours can be defined making it easy to identify out of hours wastage.
  • NEW Active Directory Integration
    Full Active Directory Integration is provided in v3. The NetSupport DNA tree view can now mirror your Active Directory structure. Support has been provided to enable membership of AD groups to control logon/access rights to the DNA Console.
  • NEW Console Roles
    Access rights for Console Operators are now controlled by defined profiles or Roles. Once created the Role can be assigned to multiple operators. Roles can be linked to a Windows Group and are relevant when Active Directory is being used.
  • NEW Change PC Owner
    When DNA connects to a Client PC for the first time it will automatically bind the logged on user as the PC Owner. A new Bind Users dialog allows you to manually change the PC Owner details if this is not the permanent owner.
  • ENHANCED Software Inventory
    The newly introduced Installed Programs option mirrors the add/remove programs structure of your Client machines, detailing the license levels for the displayed applications. NetSupport DNA now features three level software inventory : Software Programs (eg MS Office), Software Applications (eg MS Word) and Software Resources (eg Letter.doc)
    License management is further enhanced with the ability to assign licenses to specific departments.
  • ENHANCED License Administration
    The process for assigning license information to a PCs asset data has been refined. New Leasing Administration and Maintenance Administration dialogs have been added enabling operators to quickly assign licenses to any number of PCs.
  • ENHANCED Internet Metering
    Support for Sub-Urls added allowing you to restrict both complete and specific pages within a website.
  • ENHANCED Additional Hardware
    Peripheral Hardware items such as PDAs or Mobile phones can now be assigned to multiple machines simultaneously extending NetSupport DNA's use as a central reporting point for technology assets.
  • ENHANCED Query Tool
    The NetSupport DNA Query tool is a unique utility that allows an operator to produce custom reports and data views based on all database fields. This has been extended to include totalling functions for values such as time and costs.
  • ENHANCED Database Wizard
    New Miscellaneous Settings dialog added to the DNA Database Wizard enabling you to enter the SQL Server address, set a timeout for Database Queries, force Active Directory Authentication and add DNA Gateway settings.

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NetSupport DNA - System Requirements

Minimum Hardware: Pentium III 500Mhz or higher with 256mb RAM.
Free space required: 100Mb+ (dependant on number of Clients supported).
OS Supported: Windows NT, 2000, XP or 2003 server.
Databases Supported: Microsoft MSDE, SQL7 or SQL2000.
If no version of SQL exists on the target system you will be prompted to install MSDE or specify a Remote SQL Server. TCP/IP network.

Pentium III 500Mhz or higher with 256mb RAM.
Windows 2000 and above.
IE6.0 or higher.
Java Virtual Machine. (If not installed, you will be prompted to download).

Pentium 133 or higher.
10MB Free Space.
Win 98, NT or higher (NT requires SP6), 2000 (SP4) or higher.
IE5 or higher.
Protocol: TCP/IP (Winsock 2 on 98).

Pentium 133 or higher
10MB Free Space
Supported Linux Distribution: Redhat 9, Red Hat Enterprise, SuSE 9 and Fedora Core.
gtk+ 2 and glade 2 to be installed.
X Windows System.

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