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/n software Red Carpet Subscription

/n software Red Carpet Subscription

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Communications, security and e-business components.

Red Carpet Subscriptions give you everything you need - components for every major protocol from FTP to IMAP to SNMP, SSL and SSH security, S/MIME encryption, Digital Certificates, Credit Card Processing, ZIP compression, Instant Messaging, Shipping and Tracking and e-business (EDI) transactions. No licensing restrictions, so you can code on your work machine, your notebook, or even your home machine. No technology restrictions, so you get everything, .NET, COM, C++, Java, Unix, Linux and even Mac OS X. Plus quarterly update CDs with free product updates, free upgrades and new releases so you always stay on the leading edge.

Key Features:

  • All /n software products :IP*Works!(SSL, SSH, S/MIME, Encrypt, OpenPGP, SNMP, Zip, WS, Auth and IPC), QuickBooks Integrator, E-Payment Integrator, Direct Payment Integrator, PayPal Integrator, E-Banking Integrator, Shipping Integrator, EDI Integrator, X12 Integrator, ERP (SAP) Integrator, EDIFACT Integrator, SharePoint Integrator, Google Integrator, Amazon Integrator, Azure Integrator, Spreadsheet Integrator, Cloud Storage Integrator, BizTalk Adapters, SSIS Tasks, WCF Channels, Workflow Activities, PowerShell Server, NetCmdlets and ExcelCmdlets.
  • All supported platforms: . NET, Java, COM, Delphi, C++
  • All supported OS: Windows, Pocket PC, Linux, Mac OS X

/n software Red Carpet Subscription - Features

When you order a standard /n software Red Carpet Subscription you will receive an initial package that includes a CD, Serial Number and License Key for a single developer. The CD includes the latest releases of all of the products available to the subscription purchased. The Serial Number and Key will give you access to the subscription management section of our website. This site will provide a single developer with the unique licenses for the products in the purchased subscription.

Updates, Upgrades and New Products

Purchasing an /n software subscription entitles you to receive product updates and newly released IP*Works!, IBiz, and Enterprise Adapter products throughout the term of your subscription.  We are committed to adding value to our subscription packages and you will receive a new CD containing the latest product releases and updates during every quarter that your subscription remains active.  The subscription entitles you to any component suite in the /n software product lines released within the duration of the subscription.  In addition, the latest builds will always be accessible from our Subscription Management page. 

Free Online and Email Technical Support

Your IP*Works! Subscription entitles you to free Email technical support, as well as additional online support including access to all of our online support material.   


After your subscription expires you can continue using the components obtained during the subscription period indefinitely, including developing and distributing applications.  After expiration however, you will no longer be able to download new subscription updates, receive new products, or new version releases until your subscription is renewed.Subscriptions must be renewed annually by the customer before the expiration date of the subscription.  If the customer renews the subscription package before the expiration date, they are eligible for subscription renewal pricing.  Should you fail to renew the subscription package before the expiration date and wish to continue the program, you must order the package as a new customer.


All /n software products come with thorough electronic technical documentation and sample applications to assist developers in rapidly building applications.  Additional printed documentation and manuals are available for purchase online.

Additional Discounts and Partner Offerings

During the course of the subscription, you will be entitled to special product discounts as well as special partner offerings.

What products are included?

/n software Red Carpet Subscriptions include licenses of all IP*Works! products, All IBiz Integrator products, /n software BizTalk Adapters, SSIS Tasks, and Workflow Activities. The following is the list of the latest products included in /n software Red Carpet Subscriptions:

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/n software Red Carpet Subscription - System Requirements

Supported platforms: .NET, Java, COM, Delphi, C++, Pocket PC, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.

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