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activePDF WebGrabber

activePDF WebGrabber

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WebGrabber enables you to easily transform web based content to high-quality, standards-compliant PDF output.

WebGrabber enables you to easily transform web based content to high-quality, standards-compliant PDF output. The engine type can be set system-wide or on a ob-by-ob basis, providing an unparalleled balance between fidelity and performance, all from a single product. In raw HTML or a URL, is capable to exact reproductions eliminating the need and time to rewrite all existing reports to deliver a quality PDF. Engineered around high-availability rendering server engines, WebGrabber takes the guesswork out of deployment, delivering more consistent, reliable and predictable results.

What's New?

  • You can now use API calls to select conversion settings that you have set up in WebGrabber Configuration Manager. Use the new PDFProfile property to select custom PDF profiles and the WebGrabberProfile property to select custom WebGrabber profiles.
  • The new UseSecureConnection property allows you to use HTTPS for secure connections when working in the COM environment.
    Note: WebGrabber's .NET connections use WCF, which is secure by default.
  • (Native Engine only) Float-based calculations are now used by default for more precise calculations of justified text width. You can choose to revert to the earlier-used method in WebGrabber Configuration Manager. See the WebGrabber Quick Start for more details.

Key Features:

  • HTML-to-PDF conversion: Generate high-quality, compact PDF files from HTML files, URLs or output streams, using a familiar standards-based language.
  • Conversion engines: In a single application, you can choose between our Native engine and our Internet Explorer (IE) engine, based on the Internet Explorer browser youre using.
  • Native PDF Rendering: Upgrades to the native engine deliver improved fidelity for HTML conversion to PDF.
  • Auto-generate PDF bookmarks: Quickly access targeted content in your PDF document using the new, auto-generated, bookmark support. Create hierarchical bookmarks based on standard H1-H6 HTML header elements. Customise the bookmark generation by specifying your own HTML elements to use.
  • Internal and external links generated from HTML anchor tags: Easily navigate inside the PDF without the need to use bookmarks in the PDF reader, creating a more natural web-style viewing experience. Use in combination with bookmarks to deliver a PDF document which can be quickly accessed and intuitively navigated through.
  • Configuration Manager Look and Feel Improvements: Improvements in the layout consolidates settings, allowing for a more intuitive user experience.

activePDF WebGrabber - Features

Key Features:

  • Server-based HTML to PDF conversion
  • Designed from ground-up for server-side processing
  • Enterprise-class, multithreaded performance
  • Centralized control over conversion settings
  • No per-user or per-document fees
  • Support W3C HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, Flash and forms
  • Generate PDF dynamically from your web applications
  • Remote component enables offloading jobs to separate server
  • Configurable for both superior performance and high fidelity
  • Choose your HTML rendering engine on a job-by-job basis

activePDF WebGrabber - System Requirements

Operating System Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows ServerTM 2008 (32- or 64-bit edition) OR
  • Microsoft Windows ServerTM 2012 R2
  • Microsoft .NET Framework is required to use WebGrabber's .NET component
    (.NET 3.5 for the API, .NET 4.0 for the service if it is not detected, you will be given the option to install it.)

Note: If ActivePDF Server is installed on the same machine, you need to install Server 2013 R1.1 (2013.1.1.15090) or higher before installing this WebGrabber update.

Minimum Recommended Hardware Requirements

  • Pentium III 500-MHz or higher
  • 350 MB of RAM
  • 175 MB of Hard Disk Space (for application)

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