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PC X server that runs on Microsoft Windows platforms. Applications installed on remote Unix-based machines run side by side with Microsoft Windows applications.

Xmanager is a PC X server that runs on Microsoft Windows platforms. Applications installed on remote Unix-based machines run side by side with Microsoft Windows applications. It includes a session management console, X application launcher, X server profile management tool, SSH module and high performance PC X server for accessing a remote and virtualised Unix and Linux environment securely.

It is available in the following editions: Standard and Enterprise.

Xmanager Enterprise Edition includes additional features: LPD printer server, a terminal emulator and a file transfer client via SFTP/FTP.

Key Features:


  • Hardware Accelerated OpenGL Support: run 3D applications such as CAD or medical software.
  • Tab Based Frame/SplitPanes: Manage multiple remote desktops and display multiple tabs in a single window.
  • Folder Support: organise sessions in folders and start multiple sessions simultaneously by selecting to open all sessions within the folder
  • Improved Connection Status Dialogue Box: use the new Status dialogue box to determine the connection status including connection status, connection information and log messages
  • Tighter Inter-operability: start a connection using various connection protocols without creating a new session such as a session for XDMCP, and use the same session for SSH or FTP without importing them from Xshell or Xftp
  • User-defined Session Path: users can set custom default session directories enabling system administrators to set up the session so that it can be shared.

Xmanager - Features

Xmanager Enterprise


Xmanager is a powerful and easy-to-use PC X server that runs on Windows platforms. It allows you to bring remote Unix/Linux desktops to your Windows PC seamlessly. You can also run remote X applications securely through the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol even when your Windows PC is inside a private network and a firewall is between your PC and the remote server.

Xmanager is used in various fields of work including large scale craft and semiconductor designing and server management in an IDC (Internet Data Center). It is widely used by server administrators of universities and corporations, and personal users who simply want to connect to remote hosts over the internet. Xmanager is an easy and powerful PC X server designed to satisfy the needs and wants of these various users.

Connect to the remote server system whether you are at work or at home.
If your home and office PC are connected to the internet, you can work remotely from your home. It is impossible to handle all business tasks only with text-based terminals (such as using telnet). Especially with the Secure XDMCP feature of Xmanager 3.0, you can now connect from a private network or even from behind a firewall.

Share the X applications and Unix/Linux server systems.
A group of users can share various X applications like CAD/GIS that run on Unix server systems. Especially, in the environment like companies' training facilities or computer rooms of schools where user groups often switch in and out, PC X server can be flexibly used and applied.

Run MS Windows and Unix/Linux applications simultaneously.
Xmanager helps you finish your job more efficiently on the complex network environment. You can easily switch your work by clicking from window to window on your computer screen.

Key Features:

  • The most powerful and intuitive session management tool in the market
  • Xbrowser Dynamically searches for any available UNIX/Linux hosts
  • Instant connection using the Address bar
  • Instant connection to the UNIX/Linux machines using the Address bar
  • Using the Address bar to start TELNET/SSH sessions
  • Using the Address bar to start FTP sessions
  • Sending Xmanager/Xstart sessions via email
  • Creating desktop shortcuts for faster access to the applications you need
  • Creating session with New Session Wizard
  • Applying different profiles for each server and application
  • Editing a Xconfig profile and applying it to multiple Xmanager sessions
  • Securing your communication with the server using the SSH protocol
  • Generating the user/public key with SSH Key Generation Wizard
  • Preventing unauthorized use of Xmanager with Access Control
  • Opening multiple Xmanager instances with different X server settings
  • Using MS-DOS command line options to connect to the UNIX/Linux hosts
  • A high-performance PC X server
  • Support for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
  • Support for Windows Terminal Server, Citrix MetaFrame for Windows
  • XDMCP, Secure XDMCP, SSH, RSH, REXEC, RLOGIN and TELNET connection protocols
  • Up to 128 X client connections per Xmanager session
  • Automatic Cut & Paste between X and MS Windows applications
  • Integrated SSH1/SSH2 protocols with public key authentication
  • Single & multiple window mode
  • Supports GLX Extension protocol(Xmanager Enterprise only)
  • Advanced prompt parsing and command scripting in Xstart
  • Monitor selection dialog box
  • Support for multiple IP addresses
  • Multi-visual support
  • Switching keyboard map with a hot key
  • Support for local resource database
  • Window print function in multiple window mode

Xmanager Enterprise

Xmanager Enterprise enables users to control remote server systems, to use remote applications, and to transfer files and printing jobs between heterogeneous systems securely from their Windows workstation so that it makes possible to integrate the entire corporate computing resources into a networked whole for each user.

All-in-one Solution
Xmanager Enterprise is an all-in-one solution that includes Xmanager 3D, Xshell, Xftp and Xlpd in a single package. Xmanager 3D lets you share 3D (OpenGL) X window applications, and Xshell enables you to manage remote Unix/Linux servers with a secure terminal. Xftp allows you to transfer files between systems easily and securely. In addition, Xlpd offers local printing for remote documents on other systems.

All programs included in this product share a common SSH (Secure Shell) security module and interoperate with one another. This provides customers with a great convenience and improved productivity that cannot be found on any other competing products. Since these various features are integrated into a single package, customers can expect easier purchase, installation and maintenance as well as reduced total cost of ownership.

Xmanager Enterprise 3.0 includes:

  • Xmanager 3D: A PC X server program with a GLX (OpenGL) extension

  • Xshell: An SSH client program that supports SSH1/SSH2 protocols
    Xshell is a powerful SSH1, SSH2, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN and SERIAL terminal emulator for Windows platforms. It allows users to gain access to Unix/Linux hosts easily and securely on a Windows workstation. SSH (Secure Shell) protocol supports encryption and user authentication for secure connections over the Internet, and it replaces legacy protocols such as TELNET and RLOGIN.

    Xshell is designed to satisfy both beginners and advanced users. Its user interface is intuitive and it provides advanced users with powerful features such as local commands, searching with regular expressions, dynamic port forwarding, international languages and so forth.

  • Xftp: A secure file transfer program
    Xftp is a powerful SFTP, FTP file transfer program for MS Windows platforms. When applying Xftp, MS Windows users can securely transfer files between Unix/Linux and Windows PC.

    Xftp has been designed to satisfy both beginners and advanced users. It adopts the standard Windows style guide, and its simple user interface works with other Windows applications seamlessly. It also provides advanced users with powerful features.

  • Xlpd: A printer server program
    Xlpd is an LPD (Line Printer Daemon) application for MS Windows platforms. When applying Xlpd, your local PC with a printer becomes a print server where the print jobs from various remote systems are requested and processed in networked environment.

    Xlpd helps you print remote files locally without manually downloading them into your local computer. When you are connected to a remote UNIX/Linux system with Xmanager or Xshell program and want to print some data of the remote system, just enter print command on the terminal prompt.

Xmanager - System Requirements

Xmanager System Requirements

Processor Intel(R) 486DX or above
Operating system Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Microsoft Windows Terminal Server, Citrix MetaFrame for Windows
Main memory 8M bytes (recommends 16M bytes or above)
Hard disk 20M bytes
Video 256 colour or above
TCP/IP Winsock 1.1 or above
Keyboard MS Windows compatible international keyboard
Required software Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later

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